Anastasiya Bictnko

Picture of Anastasiya Bictnko

Date of Birth: 10/29/1875

Age: 62

Place of birth: Ekaterinoslav province

Citizenship: Russia


From peasants. Born in the village of Aleksandrovka Bakhmut County Ekaterinoslav province. She graduated from high school. She studied at the pedagogical courses Company educators and teachers in Moscow. Married for Samara (Saratov?), Merchant, however, later abandoned for the sake of the Revolution.

1901 - exiled to Saratov.

1902 - enrolls Socialist Revolutionary Party (AKP), which ranks a career: in 1902-1903 - a member of the Committee of the AKP in Smolensk, in 1903-1904 - in St. Petersburg, in 1905 - in Moscow.

1905 - member of the flying squad Combat Organization of the AKP. November 22 kills Adjutant General Vladimir Sakharov, to pacify the agrarian unrest in the Saratov province.

1906 - March 3 court sentenced to death, commuted perpetual servitude. DEPARTING at Nerchinsk women`s prison.

1917 - released in March as a result of the February Revolution, after the liberation led education commission in the Chita Soviet of Workers `and Soldiers` Deputies. In May - June, delegate of the 3rd Congress of the Socialist-Revolutionaries of the Trans-Baikal region, was elected to the presidium of the congress, the Central Committee put forward, but recused himself (not motivating). It is adjacent to the SR-internationalists. In the days of the October events in Moscow as part of the district Military Revolutionary Committee functioned on the streets.

In November, after the split of the AKP at the constituent congress elected a member of the Central Committee of the Left Socialist Revolutionaries (PLSR). As a member of the editorial committee of "Our Way" (organ of the Left Socialist-Revolutionaries). To run as a member of the Constituent Assembly, but failed.

From November 1917 to March 1918 a member of the Soviet delegation at Brest-Litovsk peace negotiations, which left the impression of "silent".

1918 - elected to the Central Executive Committee. In March - June, Deputy Chairman of People`s Commissars of Moscow and the Moscow region. Member of the Presidium of the Moscow Council and the Executive Committee of the Moscow Regional Council. She has worked in the central gazette PLSR "Banner of Labor". He lectured at the School of the Central Committee of PLSR propagandists.

In April, at the 2nd Congress of PLSR advocated cooperation with the Bolsheviks.

In July - delegate of the 5th All-Russian Congress of Soviets. By the known performance of the Left SRs July 6 reacted negatively, joined the group of opponents of the struggle with the Communists to unite around the newspaper "The will of Labor."

In September, at the 1st Congress of the supporters of the platform "Will Work" elected member of the Central Committee of the Party of Revolutionary Communism, splinter PLSR.

In November, it was adopted in the RCP (b) (on the recommendation of the Sverdlov).

1922 - during the trial of the Right Socialist-Revolutionaries (8 July - 7 August 1922) defended the "group of Socialist-Revolutionaries, had departed from the party and condemned the methods of its struggle."

She studied at the Institute of Red Professors, later worked in teaching, party and Soviet work.

1938 - February 8 arrested on charges of belonging to a terrorist organization and SR 16 June 1938 sentenced by the Military Collegium of the Supreme Court of the USSR to the supreme penalty - death.

1961 - rehabilitated.