Ana Botin

Picture of Ana Botin

Date of Birth: 04/10/1960

Age: 56

Citizenship: Italy


Ana Patricia Botin is the most powerful woman in Spain, and one of the most influential women in the world. The annual profit of the company she headed Banesto - Commercial Division, Banco Santander, is more than $ 3 billion.

Ana Patricia Botin born October 4, 1960 in a family of influential Spanish bankers, her father Emilio Botin is the head of the largest Italian bank Banco Santander Central Hispano. Bankers Dynasty tradition and decided to continue his daughter.

Currently, Ana Patricia Botin is the CEO of Banesto, a member of the Executive Committee, a member of the International Committee, a member of the Committee on Technology, Productivity and Quality Committee. She is also a member of the international committee for consultation the New York Stock Exchange.

Being a banker in the fifth generation, Ana dedicated banking for over 25 years.

Ana Patricia Botin has worked for more than seven years at JP Morgan before moving in 1988 to the Grupo Santander, in which her father Emilio was the chairman of the board of directors.

Actively promoting their positions, Ana created a new company specializing in investment banking, as well as expanded in Latin America, a group of commercial banks, and held a number of major acquisitions.

And, despite the fact that Ana Patricia of 47 is assumed to be in the near future will be the receiver of her father Emilio and will take office in the Board of Directors of Santander Central Hispano (SCH), is the largest bank in Spain. Experts are at odds prekraschaemo: last whether a strict policy of his father with a further board daughter Ana Patricia Botin.

It is believed that soon the bank SCH can become a "family" of the banks, and all the reins of power will belong to the dynasty Botin. Ana Patricia oversees bank Banesto is part of the SCH, Jaime Botin, Emilio`s brother, is the first vice-chairman of Santander Central Hispano, one of the sons - Emilio Jr. is also a part of the Directorate of the merged bank.

But the very Ana Patricia Botin is now interested in a slightly different theme - it is now actively engaged in venture capital investments and provides a range of banking services through the Internet.

Successful woman Spain have not seen Spain.