Amiran Gamkrelidze

Picture of Amiran Gamkrelidze

Date of Birth: 01/24/1951

Age: 65

Place of birth: Tbilisi

Citizenship: Georgia


Born January 24, 1951 in Tbilisi in the family servant.

In 1967 he graduated from the Tbilisi fourth high school.

In 1968 he enrolled in the Tbilisi State Medical Institute (now - Tbilisi State Medical University) at the medical faculty, who graduated with honors in 1974.

From 1974 to 2001 he worked at the Tbilisi State Medical Institute at the Department of Allergology. Until 1978, he was a senior laboratory assistant, in 1978-83 years - the assistant, and the years 1983-91 - the senior lecturer, and since March 1991 - the professor of the department. In 1989 - 1997 years - led by the Department of Epidemiology and Clinical immunnogenetiki allergic diseases in the Central Research Laboratory (now - Institute of Experimental and Clinical Medicine).

In 1979, A. Gamkrelidze kanditatskuyu defended his thesis, and in 1990 the Institute of immunology in Moscow - a doctoral thesis on alergologii and clinical immunology. In 1982 in 1987-88 was two long-term scientific medical training in Germany and in Sweden in allergy and clinical immunology.

A. Gamkrelidze regularly participated in various conferences, symposiums and congresses, in their organization, as well as in the publication of scientific journals. He is a member of the European Academy of Allergology and Clinical immunology and a member of the European Respiratory Society, vice president of the Georgian Society of Allergology, a member of the editorial boards of several international journals.

In January 1994, A. Gamkrelidze was appointed chairman of the advisory board of the Ministry of Health of Georgia a member of the Ministry of Health, in 1994-97 director of the National Center for Health. In 1995-97 he was the Deputy Minister of Health, in 1997-99, the First Deputy Minister of Health, and from 1999 to December 2001 - First Deputy Minister of Labour, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia.

December 29, 2001, Amiran Gamkrelidze was appointed Minister of Labour, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia.

He speaks Russian, English and German.

He is married and has two children.