Amerigo Vespucci

Picture of Amerigo Vespucci

Date of Birth: 09/03/1454

Age: 57

Place of birth: Florence

Citizenship: Italy


The first half of life`s journey.

Born into a family of a notary, Vespucci received home education in the humanities. For a long time he served in the banking house of the Medici. In 1490 he moved to Spain, where he worked as an agent of the same firm in Seville, mainly engaged in equipping vessels. Thoroughly examine the device ships, he mastered navigation and astronomy, was different maps. In 1492 he moved to the Spanish naval service, participated in the second and third gear expedition of Christopher Columbus, who was friends with. nowhere floated Until 1499 Vespucci.

First swimming.

In 1499-1500 was the navigator of the expedition of Alonso Ojeda (three courts), commanding two ships, equipment at their own expense. In the summer of 1499 the fleet approached the northern coast of South America at 5