Amanda Lear

Picture of Amanda Lear

Date of Birth: 11/18/1946

Age: 70

Place of birth: Hong Kong

Citizenship: France


December 16, 2000 in the four-storey building of the actress, artist and star Disco 70s Amanda Lear, a fire broke out. Fire occurred by bad zatushennogo fireplace - this was the verdict of the police. Eyewitnesses said that the fire was absolutely incredible. In a moment the flames engulfed the house, and those who it was, there was not the slightest chance of survival - who are not burned, he suffocated from the smoke. The fire killed the husband of singer Alain-Philippe Malanyak d`Arzhan and their 20-year-old neighbor. Furthermore, it burned 15 paintings by Salvador Dali, for many years, is a close friend of Amanda Lear. The singer was at this time in Italy - it is just in the day of the fire was invited to one of the entertainment programs of television studios in Milan. After the show, Amanda and learned this bitter news from Provence. "I wish I did, too, died in the fire," - she would say later.

The history of Amanda Lear mysterious and fraught with many unsolved mysteries. However, it only fuels the interest in it. On this extravagant woman there were many rumors that are often distributed and Amanda herself, completely confusing their fans and biographers. In 1984, her book "Dali Amanda`s eyes," a stunningly unreliable, especially in those chapters where the singer writes about himself. In the end, she got confused and now says about himself is quite cosmopolitan `. I - Briton who lives in France, educated in Spain, Italy and loving adoptive Germany feels like home, only in old Europe ... "

Amanda Tapp, paternal Englishwoman, mother - Russian-Mongolian origin, was born in Hong Kong November 18, 1946. At a very early age the girl was cut interest in learning foreign languages. And in 18 years to two native languages ??(French and English) Amanda added, speaking German, Spanish and Italian. In addition to this young talent was seriously carried away by drawing, and sped away at age 16 to study in Paris, before getting complete secondary education in London school.

In London, it all started. Amanda was invited to one of the most popular in Europe modeling agencies, which was led by Catherine Harle. One year girl was not found. She showed a collection of Yves Saint Laurent and Paco Rabanne in Paris. There she made the acquaintance with Salvador Dali, for whom remained muse, model and close friend for almost fifteen years. In the period from 1965 to 1973, Amanda has changed a lot of modeling agencies, adorned the covers of most European fashion magazines. And in 1967, she made her film debut in the film directed by Henry Lanoe. In the early 70s she met with David Bowie, and the whole year they spent together. Bowie was eager to Amanda sang, and specifically in order to attract more attention in the press launched a rumor that Amanda Lear - transsexual. What she was born a boy named Alan Tapp. However, as an adult, he changed his sex and even came (or rather, left) married a man named Morgan Lira. For some time Amanda adamantly defended the two versions of its origin. A Salvador Dali, a great lover of unusual, sometimes shocked his friends, saying about Amanda that "it is - man." Today boring questions about whether it was a man, Amanda irritably replied: "At this absurdity, distributed about me, I did not pay attention I am a woman from top to toe, and it suits me perfectly.".

Dali in his own affection for Amanda. She was beautiful, intelligent, spoke five European languages, was interested in art, she tried to paint. Dali willingly appeared with her in public, even though he was 35 years older. Salvador Dali`s wife did not approve of the behavior of her husband. On mnogihfotografiyah archive Dali Museum in Figueres, rival face a cut ...

After an affair with Bowie Amanda I knew where she was to seek ways to express themselves. In March 1976 she released her first single, Trouble. Success was quite unexpected. Then the German company Ariola put to the young star of an experienced producer. With the help of his compositional talent, her intelligent enough to dance genre texts and unusually low voice, Amanda immediately stood out from the cohort of thousands of performers.

At Christmas 1976, her song Blood And Honey broke all records for merchantability and topped many charts. Revenues Amanda seemed astronomical, but she continued to sit and walk on the catwalk, often going to the shows right in the studio. The debut album by Amanda Lear "I Am A Photograph" was as much as 33 weeks in the German charts. It is said that during the recording of the album Mont saundmeyker Anthony made her smoke almost a carton of cigarettes and only four in the morning, when the singer was emptied from exhaustion, she managed to get the right tone.

I must say that Amanda had a very specific vocal. One of the directors at the radio broadcast of her song "The Srhinx" asked: "What is the name of this guy?"

After the release of the album Sweet Revenge, when 4 million copies have been sold in more than fifty countries around the world, it was possible to speak of a European phenomenon by the name of Amanda Lear.

In April 1979, Amanda married. In America, she met Alain Philippe, pop producer, and only a month of dating on Valentine`s Day became his wife.

Although Dali did not like Amanda was kind of personal life, in addition to him, however, Amanda was the only woman who was allowed to live in his home after his wife`s death. Thanks to Dali, next to which Amanda lived for eighteen years, she was fascinated by spiritualism - the beginning of the conversation with the spirits. According to the singer, the voice of perfume Amanda convinced of the necessity of vegetarianism, in the rejection of alcohol. Alain-Philippe hobbies wife did not approve. How not to love and its proximity to the underlined Dali.

Twenty-one years she and her husband were happy. Alain-Philippe was the spouse and child for her at the same time as children are not brought - Amanda did not want to, considering that this man of art should be free and devoid of obligation.

Since 1981, it has become to put on display their artwork. Sami 80-90s were quite fruitful for Amanda Lear. Came her album Diamonds for Breakfast, Tam-Tam. A television magnate Silvio Berlusconi offered her a place leading the new entertainment show. She agreed, and for four years was the greatest Italian TV star. However, she continued to act in films in small roles: "Zio Adolfo, in arte Fuhrer" (1983) - as well as in the main ( "obsession with sex" (1998), "Pretty Woman" with Gerard Depardieu, "DJ" (2000).

Partly filmography of Amanda Lear does not indicate the absence of her acting talent. Maybe she just did not have enough time. "Fellini has repeatedly suggested that I removed from him, - says Amanda - but insisted that I added 15-20 kilograms to withdraw from such a genius, I swallowed before bedtime tons spaghetti and steaks, seizing their cakes with chocolate and whipped cream.. .. But in vain I remember disappointed, Fellini said: "Amanda is perfect as a toothpick."

It states categorically that he had never applied to plastic surgeons and other things and never follow a diet. Lear continues to be a successful model, stylish dress, act in films, paint in gouache and watercolor and lead a variety of shows, such as extravagant as she was.

Author: Maria Alexandrova

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