Amanda Brignall

Picture of Amanda Brignall

Age: 52

Citizenship: United Kingdom

Do men like tattoos?

Most women update your wardrobe or make a new hairstyle when their personal relationships give a crack, but the 49-year-old Amanda Brignall Beverly in Yorkshire (Beverley, Yorkshire) reacted to the break with a loved far more tragic.

His first tattoo done Briton in 18 years. But when Brignall started a midlife crisis, she decided to cover his entire body tattooed. Now, because of his obsession with her is simply not possible to find a new life partner, because of its appearance, at least, repels men.

The mother of two children unhealthily attracted to tattoos, after her marriage began to fall apart; her grown-up children have already left the family nest to lead an independent life. Since then, its typical `Mamochkin vneshnosti` almost every week new nuances started to be added. Now tattoos covered 80% of her body, including the face.

Known by locals as` freak of Beverli`, Brignall no one met the last seven years. It says, `I love tattoos, but men do not seem to share my enthusiasm. My appearance, probably deters them. For seven years was only one date appointed by tattoos lovers dating site. But things quickly zakonchilos`.

Amanda is proud of his tattoos and hides them only in one case - when it comes to visit her 80-year-old mother. The woman said: `The only place where I do not have a tattoo, it`s my ass. This is because I do not see the point. Who will see them there? My mother hates tattoos, and so when it comes, I clothe the Cardigan and scarf. Because of this, I am in some way feel like a teenager, but it`s better this way than to get a scolding. And in addition to her no one I do not hide my nakolki`.

When 10-year marriage ended in divorce Brignall, she moved to live closer to their parents. She says: `I started working in the newsagents, where she met with the local tattoo artist. He was the spices to fill tattoo of beautiful girls with a poster, and one day I decided I wanted one of takih`.

Mom in age, in baggy sweaters in leggings, no makeup gradually began `obrastat` underwear painting. The generous offer tattoo artist, who became her close friend, do her tattoo for free, making it a real fan. Brignall could not stop.

She says: `I had something like a mid-life crisis. I lived to 44 and realized that my marriage is broken to smithereens. In addition, I was out of work due to back pain caused by osteoporosis. I felt old and rejected ... But then I started to do more and more tattoos, and each time they were packed, I felt a surge of vitality. Now people look at me, and can not believe I almost 50`.

Three years ago, Amanda felt that it is time again to try to meet someone. Women try their luck in a nightclub `Spiders` Hull (Hull), which felt out of place, but interested only in its amazing tattoo, not wanting to look into her inner world. Then Brignall registered on a dating site, where fans gather tattoos. She met with `parnem`, which was only one tattooed, and she did not like very much.

Brignall still one. Every day on the street passers-by stare at her, and speak not the most flattering way. Such subjectivity woman justifies its small-town mentality. Amanda said: `Sometimes I worry that my tattoos affect my chances of getting a job in the future because I think employers are judged by appearance. Yet I have no regrets. This addition stoilo`.

Brignall eldest son, 24-year-old shoemaker Ben Clarkson (Ben Clarkson), followed in the footsteps of his mother. His body today flaunts 40 tattoos. But the youngest, 21-year-old hairdresser Max Clarkson (Max Clarkson), while only experimenting. It has only one tattooed - in the form of tiny stars.