Alvarets Godoy

Picture of Alvarets Godoy

Date of Birth: 05/12/1767

Age: 84

Citizenship: France


From a poor noble family. From 1784 he served in the Guard. His good looks attracted the attention of the wife Infanta Maria Luisa, became her lover at the same time a friend of her husband, who in 1788 came to the throne under the name of Charles IV. He made a brilliant career, becoming in 1791 adjutant-general of the Life Guards. In 1792 he was appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs, and after the fall of Aranda`s office (November 1792), led the Spanish government has made great efforts to save him from the death of the French. the royal family. He joined the anti-French coalition, the consequence of which was the announcement of the Spanish war on France after the execution of Louis XVI warrior Failures in 1793-95 forced him to conclude in July 1795, the Basel peace with France, in which he lost the French Santo Domingo. From 1795 he spent Union policies Frantsieyi 29.08.1796 concluded a military alliance with France. These actions caused his Spanish war with Great Britain, which disrupted communication with the Spanish colonies in America and caused great damage to the country`s economy. He became one of the richest men in Spain, the total value of its assets exceeds the annual budget of the country. In May 1798 under pressure from the opposition he resigned, but in early 1801, again took the leading position in the government and the court. In May 1801 he appointed commander of the Spanish quest. 20/05/1801 marched. At the head of the army (60 thousand. Pers.) Conducted a successful campaign in Portugal (although Portuguese and Spanish troops had taken all measures to engage with each other in a collision). In 1802, peace was concluded with the United Kingdom, but then after the beginning of the Anglo-French conflict Spain was drawn into a new war with Britain, although Mr and tried in every way to stay away from the conflict. In December. 1804 declared war on Great Britain. 20 10.1805 Spanish-French fleet was almost completely destroyed in the Battle of Trafalgar. Being unsure of his future fate, he began negotiations with the enemy, and in October. 1806 called for a war against France. Soon, after a series of victories of Napoleon, he was again moved pas French side, and Spain formally remained an ally of France. 27.10.1807 entered into an agreement with France in Fontainebleau, by which personally Godoyu was promised the southern part of Portugal to create a principality. "He was the subject of disgust for anyone who was not his protege, - wrote M. de Burien - and even those whose fate depended on him, looked at him with the deepest contempt ... There is no doubt that G. was one of the main reasons for all the disasters that have befallen Spain. " Secret money received from the French. government and allowed the French. troops to the most important fortress of the country. Then Napoleon decided to use hatred of Mr. and French. Kindle newspapers started a campaign against him. 17-18.3.1808 the country`s uprising broke out, G. with great difficulty managed to escape. But Charles IV under the pressure of public opinion has promised to bring to the court and Mr. ordered his arrest. March 19, he was arrested and imprisoned. His property was confiscated. After the abdication of Charles IV, released by the French and lived in Rome, together with the royal family. In 1830 he moved to Paris, where he received a small pension from the French. yard. In 1847, his part of the property and titles and allowed to return to Spain has been recovered.