Alla Kazanskaya

Picture of Alla Kazanskaya

Date of Birth: 06/15/1920

Age: 88

Place of birth: Chisinau

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Sergey Kapkov

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Alla Kazan, the leading actress of the Vakhtangov Theatre, a brilliant teacher. The widow of film director Boris Barnet. She starred in the films, and others.

Alla Kazan came in Vakhtangov studio at the age of 15. Reading the fable, she amused the selection committee to tears. The girl accepted, and already in the second year she first came on the scene. Among the roles in the theater: Nina (), Beatrice (), Roxanne (). Kazan igralasvoih heroines deeply lyrical, with the charm and soft femininity. But the creative range of the actress was much wider, and a special place in it took character roles in which she always found a bold, sharp, true interpretation of the Vakhtangov and bright picture. such heroines as Georgette (), Bert Ardis () Turusina (), Ms Orgonova (), Karamzin () Galchiha (), American (ff>), Jeanne () should highlight.

The movie was filmed Kazan is very small. After his debut in films (Tanya) (Galina Field) and (livestock), she appeared on the screen only in the age Cast: (a physician), (grandmother), (Natalia Zavadskaja), (teacher), (the writer`s wife).

More than thirty years Alla Kazan teaches at the Shchukin Drama School. Among her pupils: S.Makovetsky, Vladimir Simonov, L.Nilskaya, Yu.Rutberg, I.Klimova, A. Kravchenko, G.Siyatvinda.

People`s Artist of Russia (1971).

In 1939, after the studio at the Vakhtangov Theater, he was accepted into the troupe of the theater.

Actor`s work:

1. Parisian antique dealer - 0 ()

2. Youth commanders - 1940 (Adventure)

3. The guy from the taiga - 1944 ()

4. Generous summer - 1950 (comedy)

5. Armageddon - 1962 (Drama)

6. Yegor Bulychev and Others - 1971 ()

7. Ladies and Hussars - 1976 ()

8. Iron Curtain - 1994 (Drama)

9. On the corner, at the Patriarchal ... - 1995 (Detective)

10. Recluse - 1999 (Detective