Alfred Baeumler

Picture of Alfred Baeumler

Date of Birth: 11/19/1887

Age: 80

Place of birth: Bohemia

Citizenship: Germany

The leading philosopher of the Third Reich

Alfred Beymler born November 19, 1887 in Bohemia. In the universities of Berlin and Bonn, he studied philosophy and art history, and in 1914 in Munich, received his PhD, defended his work on the topic of aesthetics in the works of Kant. In 1924, he became an assistant professor, Beymler already taught at the Technical University of Dresden, and four years later with a degree of professor, was appointed head of the department.

After the publication of the magazine `Soprotivlenie` Professor Beymler from time to time published in this edition of his works under the pseudonym Martin Leopold (Leopold Martin) and Wolf Ecker (WolfEcker). At first, Alfred had been close to the ideas of national-conservative philosophical and politico-ideological currents, but over time his eyes turned to National Socialism and in 1930 he became a member of the anti-Semitic military alliance, and in 1932, during the elections to the Reichstag, along with other scientists openly about his views and joined the Nazi Party.

In 1933 he was invited to Berlin, to the chair of philosophy and political pedagogy, and had to carry more and directors` duties in addition to teaching Beymleru. on May 10 on the occasion of his inauguration, Professor Beymler lectured `Against duha` not German in its program `Science Institute, gosudarstvo`. The lecture was held in the large auditorium of the Berlin University of the number 38, which was full. The biggest part of those present at her students was in the form of storm troopers (SA), and the beginning of the lecture marked the passage of the student delegation, which carried a banner with a swastika.

Beymler as one of the few influential philosophers of Nazi Germany (German), I used the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche (Friedrich Nietzsche), to legitimize Nazism. German-American scholar Walter Kaufmann (Walter Kaufmann) Beymlera called one of the worst followers of the Nazi theory.

By the 50th birthday (1939) Adolf Hitler (Adolf Hitler) Beymler wrote an article in the Festschrift `German nauki`, and while he and Ernst Creek (Ernst Krieck) had the reputation of `leading philosophers National sotsializma`. After 1945 Beymler 3 years spent in the camps. He was one of the few German professors, who after the war did not return to teaching.

Alfred Beymler died March 19, 1968 in the town of eningen near Reutlingen.