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Date of Birth: 12/13/1971

Age: 44

Place of birth: Dubna

Citizenship: Russia

Alexei Zimin - culinary traveler

Biography of Alexey Petrov, chief editor of `Poster-mir` surprises with its diversity. He - a graduate of the physico-mathematical school student MEI, and then the Faculty of Philology of Moscow State University, folklorist and ethnographer, rock musician, and now a journalist, writer and brand-chef. Zimin was the chief editor of the magazine `GQ`, who had a great influence on the formation of the domestic style of men`s fashion, and` Gourmet`, `gurmanov` Bible, tells of haute cuisine. His current position in the `Poster-mir` Alexei Zimin, Chairman of the Earth called` shara`. Along with the original guides and travel stories on the pages of the magazine special applications, and Internet site `Poster-eda` paid much attention to various aspects of cooking.

The physicist, philologist, chef

Alexei Zimin - born in Dubna (13 December 1971) His education began with the physical and mathematical school and continued in the MEI, but reading the introductory courses of their future profession, Alexey decided to change the physics on philology. Acquired on Philology of Moscow State University specializing in Russian folklore was further expanded - while the editor of the TV program `International panorama` Zimin worked traditions of the peoples of the world, as well as studies of the Aryan tribes settlements in the southern republics of the USSR. In addition, as a student Alex fond of rock and was the lead singer of a rock band. The next stages of his professional biography was the work in the journal `Voyazh` and other publications, including` Playboy` and `Vogue`. However, the greatest popularity among readers, viewers and visitors of Internet sites Alexei Zimin earned a chef.

The path to the high cooking

His first culinary experience Alexei Zimin made in five years. Despite the fact that they cooked eggs was completely black, it fascinated the process of transformation products. Alex studied cooking for culinary books, collecting them in a library that is already estimated at a thousand volumes. However, behind Zimin there are special education in such a prestigious institution as the London School of cooks Cordon Bleu, and training in these aces cooking, as Michel Guerard and Raymond Blanc. His culinary experience Alexei Zimin, for almost fifteen years, reports on thematic columns such reputable publications as `` Kommersant` and Vedomosti`. In addition, it leads to a culinary blog website `Poster-eda` and culinary transmission `Eda` the Menu-TV and` Cooking with Alex Ziminym` NTV are very popular with the audience and the invited celebrities, attracting the attention of not only the original recipes, but entertaining and exciting stories and comments to recipes. Of the four books published Zimin three are devoted to cooking. `Kitchen navsegda` talks about the best recipes of the world cuisine,` Kitchen rynka` - about cooking, seasonal dishes, and is actually a culinary calendar, and `Kitchen supermarketa` offers original recipes from publicly available products. It is known among the residents of the capital and enjoy the cafe `Ragout`, where Zimin is the curator of the kitchen and chef`s school teacher.

Increasing interest in good food, popular gastronomic publications and a variety of cooking shows Alexei Zimin believes global trend related to the fact that food is one of the most important moments in a person`s life, a form of self-knowledge. Once the process of saturation is no longer just for survival, food preparation goes into the category of art. Currently, there is a natural process of borrowing culinary traditions. According to Zimin, any ethnic cuisine should not remain hermetically closed world. He did not agree with those who speak about the disappearance of the traditional Russian cuisine, and believes the process of absorbing new ideas completely natural and beneficial. At the same time among the promising areas of Russian cuisine Alexei Zimin makes such an ambiguous for many areas as street food.

Alexei Zimin Married to Tatyana Dolmatovskaya, costume designer. Their acquaintance happened in the publishing house `Conde Nast`, when Tatiana worked in the journal` Vogue`, and Alex was the chief editor of `GQ`. At the insistence of Alexei Tatiana underwent training courses confectioners - brand chief considers more capable women in the art of making sweets. Their family brought in the list of the most enduring marital unions in Moscow. Alexei, Tatiana and their three children live in Peredelkino, where on weekends prepare a favorite dish - soup of leeks and potatoes on the old French recipe and simple.

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