Alexey Zahvatkin

Picture of Alexey Zahvatkin

Date of Birth: 01/12/1905

Age: 45

Place of birth: Yekaterinburg

Citizenship: Russia


Alexei Zakhvatkin (Languages, a descendant of the oldest boyar family) was born on December 1, 1905 (according to his son - YA Zakhvatkin; from literary sources - in 1906) in the city of Yekaterinburg.

He lived until 1913 with his parents in Switzerland, where he received his education at home. Language In 1913 the family returned to Moscow

from October 1917 as the representative of the boyar family was deprived of many rights, including those not able to have the opportunity to receive higher education, he worked as a graphic artist, as well as in the University of Moscow - in the herbarium of Professor AN Syreyschikova and in the laboratory of Professor GA Kozhevnikova. During this period he attended lectures by leading scientists of the Moscow University.

1926 - graduated from the painting studio N. Cordoba and was invited by Professor VI Plotnikov as an assistant artist in the Central Asian Institute for Plant Protection (organized on the basis of Uzbekistan Experimental plant protection station), where he worked until 1931 goda.1927 - 1931 - assistant, and then full-time specialist entomologist Central Asian Institute of plant protection. In one of the missions of the Institute detachment he was captured robber bands, and after his release, when recovering lost documents, AA to change the language year of birth and took the surname of his stepfather. Later, in 1932 all of its publications are under the name of Zakhvatkin.

From 1931 he worked in the All-Union Institute of Plant Protection of Agricultural Sciences (Leningrad)

1933 - Senior Research sotrudnikv Laboratory of Entomology Research Institute of Zoology of the University of Moscow

1938 - Assistant of the Department of Moscow State University Entomology

1939 - Doctor of Biological Sciences

1940 - Professor of Moscow State University

1948 - Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Biology, Moscow State University

1950 - Director of the Research Institute of Biology and Soil Moscow University, organized on the basis of the Institute of Zoology, Botany and Soil Science, Faculty of Biology.

Died December 14, 1950.