Alexey Petrenko

Picture of Alexey Petrenko

Date of Birth: 03/26/1938

Age: 78

Place of birth:. With Chemer

Citizenship: Russia


Born March 26, 1938 in the village of Chemer Chernigov region (Ukraine). However, the passport appears another date - 1 April, sneaked into encyclopedias and dictionaries. It so happened that just for this day managed to make a record of the newborn in the nearest village council. His father, Vasily Petrenko and his mother, Anastasia F. Petrenko, engaged in peasant labor. Wife - Galina Petrenko Kozhukhova-known working theater columnist in the newspaper "Pravda" in the theater and film world journalist, member of the Writers` Union, for a long time; it can often be seen with her husband on the set, premieres, festivals. Daughter from his first marriage - Pauline graduated from music school. Son - Mikhail Kozhukhov, TV.

Alexei Petrenko impression of human labor, thorough. Of these, it is said - rukasty. He really knows how much - was a mechanic, a sailor, a shepherd, even the master himself furniture. And then, at the third attempt, he went to study at the Kharkov Theatre Institute, before the "well" fell through when entering the Kiev Theatre Institute, and in the intervals between the proceeds mastered blacksmithing. He graduated from college in 1961, then served in the Zaporozhye Music and Drama Theater named after Shchors, Donetsk Russian Drama Theater in the city of Zhdanov. Later, sipping full of troubles and hardships of the peripheral scene, having played tiny, random roles, he moved to the capital`s theaters.

In Lensoviet Theatre in Leningrad, he was invited by director Igor Vladimirov. Petrenko changed Theaters. He worked at the Moscow Drama Theater on Malaya Bronnaya, MXATe, "School of Dramatic Art" under the leadership of Anatoly Vasilyev, "School of Modern Play". Preferred in the end, "free floating", which makes it possible to choose the material and the stage itself. Roles played very different: Jean in "The Soldier and the snake" T. Gabbe, Svidrigailov in "Crime and Punishment" based on the novel FM Dostoevsky Bondello servant in "The Taming of the Shrew" by William Shakespeare, Ataman Platov in "Lefty" for PS Leskov. In the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya in 1978 he played a role in Podkolesin "Marriage" NV Gogol (played the same role in the film "The Marriage" by Vitaly Melnikov in 1977), in Bolshintsov "Month in the Country" staged IS Turgenev, a retired soldier horse in "Enemies" Gorky. The roles played by the Moscow Art Theater in the years 1978-83, - not less visible: The waiter in the "Duck Hunt" AP Vampilov carrier Henschel in the eponymous play by G. Hauptmann, Jacko in "collapses" by prose M. Javakhishvili.

At the end of the 1970s, it appears at different venues, working with different directors. Played at Koku "Serso" Victor Slavkina directed by Anatoly Vasiliev - famous play, has long been referred to the theatrical classics - as well as the role played by the AV Petrenko. Petrenko was not immediately understood the play, opened it for themselves, they are now recognized without any hesitation, explaining it by the fact that the actor is often mistaken in the vision itself and the role. The "School of Modern Drama" played Chubukova once in a sensational performance "A choy, then you are in evening dress?" by Chekhov`s "Proposal", the border crossing pure "dramatic" roles. He played as Satin in "The Lower Depths" Gorky, Grigory in "Don Pedro" SA Nosov - Petrenko can play a variety of roles, both tragic and comic.

Works in the cinema since 1967, has played more than 40 roles. Since 1991 he became the regular actor Gorky Film Studio. Filmography seems to be quite solid, though not huge. It is fair to note that he was able to turn any role into something significant.

In 1970, Oswald was in "King Lear" by Gregory Kozintsev, but - first role Petrenko were a prelude to his major works.

The card of the actor, his principal, the outstanding artistic creation became Grigory Rasputin in the now classic film "Agony". In this role auditioned all known screen wizard, and one of them is Leonid Markov was approved. But at that time director of the picture accidentally wandered into the play "Crime and Punishment" in which he played a young artist Svidrigailov familiar only Leningrad theater-goers. That evening Klimov decided to bet on an unknown, inexperienced in the cinema Petrenko. This will benefit the film and discovered the name of cinema.

The natural wildness of characters, sometimes quiet in appearance, but in which the raging incredible passion, walks the hot blood, ready to fill in the rest of his fire - this is the ideal material for Petrenko. Savage insides, sometimes deeply hidden in man, the actor is able to convey how rarely anyone else. In his characters, at least, there is always a courage.

He was offered the role of rulers - not even by blood against the grain. Peter the Great in the film Alexander Mitta, "The Tale of How Czar Peter Moor married" - again a manifestation samodurnogo (in the best sense of the word), the beginning of a broad human soul. Petrenko has made the role of fun and tricky wisely savvy and mischievous Russian peasant. Here Peter - and a father, and, as expected, a beard ax Ruban his subjects to dance all chohom forces, implanting a new fashion life, unaccustomed Russian soul. The duo with Vladimir Vysotsky turned unexpectedly harmonious, despite the difference of human actors and textures. From the role of Peter the Great in the American draft Petrenko at the time he refused.

Played Alexei Petrenko and Stalin in the film "A feast of Belshazzar, or Night with Stalin" by Yuri Kara (1989) on the novel by Fazil Iskander "Sandro of Chegem", not having the nature of a single drop of likeness with the "father of the peoples". But here and style it was appropriate - Iskander, sad and ironic, and Stalin spent his time in the night carousing. By the way Stalin Petrenko came back in 1992 in the film "Cooperative" Politburo ", or to be a long goodbye" Michael Ptashuk, for which he received the prize for Best Actor at the Film Forum of Slavic and Orthodox peoples of "Golden Knight". I played this time Stalin`s counterpart involved in the show, which became fashionable in the same time.

Petrenko is called the great, hushed mighty volcano, which at any moment may come back to haunt due to unforeseen "natural" circumstances. Petrenko really natural, natural man. He just arranged, as befits a normal person, not spending itself on all the small stuff, concentrated on work and family life on the inside, finally.

Lately, he`s pretty much removed. At one time, even he said he wanted to quietly away from the actor`s business, including its occupation of the young and energetic. He believes that there is nothing special in my life did not, but time is running out - it is necessary to have time to repent and otmolit sins.

"The Barber of Siberia" by Nikita Mikhalkov (1998) presented Petrenko epochal role of General Radlov. General - Role for Petrenko usual. His Radloff fit all bublichki-gingerbread, caroling on the Virgin`s Field, worthy of the brush Kustodiev and fair picture, it is justified swashbuckling swing director - capture bast, a bygone Mother Russia. Radloff chewed thick glasses, walking and play tricks, showing the power and prowess of the Russian nature, broad, like Mardi Gras. This ever-drunken fellow man "rudderless" fell in love like a child in a foreign, strange woman. In short, he - Russian, and it explains a lot.

And suddenly after all this bravado - the role of the Soviet (with all its consequences) writer Yuri Kazakov in the film "Look, is not it rain ..." Arcadia Cordon, which was released in 1999 and starred for a long time, for about 4 years. Events taking place in the 1980s. And then the director used Petrenko temperament and his ability to create an image of an impulsive, not alien to some dissolute character and soul is at the same time live everlasting Russian melancholy.

Actually, Petrenko lifetime surprised transition from role to role, which meant if dlyaraznyh artists. Get at least Knurova in "Cruel Romance" by Eldar Ryazanov (1984), where Petrenko played Human significant, for which there are millions, but is capable of touching a child to love (it Petrenko always managed to screen), or, say, a school principal, a rookie Kirill Alekseevich in the film Dinara Asanova "The key is non-transferable" (1976), where he is modest, sensitive man, attached to the teacher`s business on the move - one of the most important roles Petrenko.

But if you take a closer look at all this variety of characters, you will find them in the generic features. People are more at Petrenko original, profound, and the sincere and open, a stone in the bosom is not kept. The "Fortune" George Danelia (2000) he played the role Petrovich mechanics with an old barge transporting the Sino-Turkish goods. Floating it along the Volga, meeting on the way all sorts of modern scourge and different people - from the riot police to the nuns. Petrovich knows all, he - a real, radical people, reliable and true, will not perish with him. Petrenko with great love speaks about the role.

"The Collector" Yuri Grymov (2001), where Petrenko played the title role - a giant still life, outlandish installation, quite senseless, populated minidinozavrami, exotic and other "artifacts". Justifying the cult of things covered with gloss collector Alexei Petrenko was supposed to be terrifying creature, according to the declarations of the director, encourages the viewer to reflect on some global things of the world order. The house looked like a junk shop Collector, furnished, however, in the spirit of modern times and design. Washer picturesque buried in a puddle, immediately adorned with painted khokhloma toilets. And people around - things like: whether alive, or dead. The solid exhibits ...

Petrenko often forced to justify the director`s weakness and pay for it. He is able to enter into the most bizarre aesthetic space, invariably attracts the attention of the most sophisticated and unexpected directors, including the new generation. And he is not afraid to experiment, dive into unknown waters.

The picture of Michael Ptashuk "In August 44th ..." staged on the novel by Vladimir Bogomolov, Petrenko has played a small role of General Yegorov. Muffled voice - he said, as if with shortness of breath. For that nowhere, everything seemed to go out of hand - the peak situation. War is war, and must make decisions quickly and correctly, which determine how the operation will take place.

With Vladimir Bortko in 2003 made multi-part "The Idiot" by Dostoevsky, where Petrenko - General again now - Ivolgin. He played a small role in the pilot Yuri Stroganov old picture German "Twenty Days Without War" (1975). A man rides home from the front, to deal with his wife cheated on him, but it`ll do not trouble, think again. Petrenko have only a monologue, though rather long, but memorable role in the years to come. And remember liking the viewer and the work of the actor in the movie "The incredible bet or a true incident, successfully complete the" V. Motyl (1984), and the role in the short film "Davydov and Goliath" Baysaka G. (1985).

Alexei Vasilievich, by his own admission, has never been irrepressible desire to work at all costs, even in his youth. Often he voluntarily renounced roles, giving them to those who longed to play. It got to the point that disappear out of sight of the director, and so had to take another actor, who dreamed of the role. I am sure that "a little bit better and sensibly than omnivorous." Always I doubt: and whether we should, and can handle it? He - Samoyed by nature. Someone took the doubts and denials of quarrelsome character. Refused Petrenko at the time the role of Zahara in the picture "A few days in the life of I. And Oblomov" Mikhalkov, because the dream of Oblomov. And the Moscow Art Theatre in 1980`s "Oblomov" did not take place. This role Petrenko did not play. Until now he dreams about Egor Bulychev and Taras Bulba.

Elem Klimov called once Petrenko is not a character and persona, saying that this person is a diverse talent and extensive talent sometimes is present in the frame or on the stage, and this is enough. Because it is a game, and have the time of a person`s presence. Petrenko - person. By the way, when Klimov was just beginning to work on the film "Agony", the most afraid to make a mistake in the choice of actor for the role of Rasputin. Too figure trudnopodemnaya and slozhnoobyasnimaya a mystery which even today is not solved until the end. Tried a very good actor, they say that it was Leonid Markov. Shootings were difficult, because Petrenko first appeared in a major role. Klimov it literally drove, physically exhausted, but the result was.

Petrenko often charge read narration by the author. Even the very names of these non-fiction paintings speak volumes: "Russian idea," "the great deceptions time." He was always attracted to the significant topics. Alexei Petrenko - like a lump, and the acting world. It is called chelovechische, and he is ashamed of these words. People are afraid of outsiders once again to approach him, assuming meet inaccessibility. Indeed, for many years he did not give interviews, except that on the eve of Prime TV. This stems from the fact that Petrenko, having a public profession is essentially a non-public person. Lives often outside Moscow, in the suburban St. Nicholas, which is legendary. Reasoned clogged, they say, Petrenko at some modest house, cooks there kvass and mead, live like a villager.

Petrenko said often confused, difficult, but somehow Interiors of the most simple like, but the fundamental things. About parents, family, love and faith, care in the world other. Sam admits that not Chrysostom, but knows how to do business. He Interlocutor unexpected, important - him to talk.

He loves Ukrainian songs and enjoy singing them. Participates in the concert programs, a gigantic choral action, as it was once the territory of the Pskov Kremlin. Sing with the Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Fedoseyev. Prokofiev was performed to "Ivan the Terrible" (1997) - and, in fact he played then the role of Ivan the Terrible. Then there were the "War Letters" Gavrilin (1995). Toured Switzerland, Austria, Germany. Petrenko said: "It is a miracle - to perform with a symphony orchestra If I just left it, I would at the end of life was quite satisfied with the way I finish my way.".

Sometimes he suddenly will give to such a scene, then the least expected of him. It seems to be a serious actor, and went to the festival "Vivat, Cinema of Russia!" in 2003 and even made something quite his usual way associated. He played the fable of the crow, which is "God sent a piece of cheese." I jump, like a crow and cheese reincarnated. Lost in the fable of the people presenting their own version of a textbook fable, according to which the fox - not the fox, and the fox-man. This sailor in the process played an Italian aria. Under the final Petrenko vytantsovyvaetsya gypsy. Then all of a sudden got a gift from the Gorky Automobile Plant "Volga". Manual auto giant, knowing that favorite artist live to 65 years, all the while continuing to ride the subway, gave him a car. And Petrenko and a driver`s license was not there. And a gift for the first time a major was. Other actors such gifts more than spoiled.

AV Petrenko - People`s Artist of the RSFSR, laureate of the State Prize of Russia, awarded the Order "For Services to the Fatherland" IV degree (1998). Winner of the prize "Recognition" (2001) and "Unfading spectator love" (2003) at the film festival "Vivat, Cinema of Russia!" in St. Petersburg. Repeatedly honored with prizes for Best Actor at various national and international film festivals.

Self Church Slavonic studies - he said that will come in handy, because every man will turn to talk with God, and you have to be prepared ...