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Date of Birth: 09/10/1977

Age: 39

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia

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Author: Andrew Puminov

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Start a career

Aleksey Panin was born in Moscow on September 10, 1977. the actor`s father was an engineer defense institute, and his mother worked as an editor at the publishing house. Therefore, we can say that he grew up in an intellectual family. However, as a child Alex was not at all a good boy. He was expelled from two schools and three more had to change because of the constant relocations. Such an environment is not conducive to the formation of the boy, though he do not show much interest in school.

Alex loved sports, was a candidate for the Master of water polo and the actor`s career was not even thinking. But his mother was sure that his son will be in the movies. According to her, it had all the qualities to master this profession. But while the mother dreamed of a future star`s son, came 90th, and Alex went out to become, as they said, `avtoritetom`. Fortunately, Panin did not have time to do something silly, and came down from the criminal track.

On his mother`s advice Alexei entered the GITIS - the first time and especially without straining. The talent of the guy really was, but the character has become a real obstacle to his studies. From the University of Panin expelled twice, and both times have been associated with his shots in the movie that is strictly forbidden to students. Later, the actor admitted that he had made a stupid mistake, but still nothing spared. According to him, if he did not, then who knows what would have been his life.

For the first time Alexei was expelled from GITIS because he played in an episode of the movie `The Romanovs. Crowned semya` (2000). If uncounted filming as an extra, this work was his debut in the movie. And almost immediately received other offers: Pysy role in the cult comedy `DMB` (2000) and enlisted in the television series` Zhigulina border. Taiga roman` (2000). These works were a great success, and Panin was first known in Russia.

Finding popularity

In 2001, charismatic actor literally threw offerings. He appeared once in ten scenes, that was a big step in his career. Moreover, Alex was an impressive sight even in small roles. For example, in the image of the driver Boriskina in the film `44` in August or Hippolyte in the film` Down Haus`. Seeing Panin once, it was impossible to forget.

The first big success in the career of Alexei Panin was the role of Sergeant Mamochkin military drama `Zvezda` (2002). Actor finally received critical acclaim, who found his game in the film the talented and credible. In 2003, for this role, he was awarded the State Prize of the Russian Federation, which was a great honor. After that Panin few years appeared in small roles that he has always been like. According to the actor, sometimes they bring him more pleasure than the big roles.

In 2005, Panin again loudly declared itself by playing the gangster Sergei black comedy `Zhmurki` director Alexei Balabanov. At first he cautiously reacted to this film, but knowing that it would roll his idol Nikita Mikhalkov, immediately agreed. And as it turned out, not in vain. Balabanov`s film became a hit of this, Panin put on a par with the best Russian actors.

Alexei Panin starred in some twenty films and television, but more memorable roles was virtually in his career. The only exception is `Soldaty` comic series (2006-2007), where the actor played Captain Dubina. And though Alex does not like to appear on television, we have to admit that this character he failed.

However, as the number of bit parts in which he looked inimitably. That only is his boxer Leopold comedy `Nevalyashka` (2007), a pimp Kostik comedy` Man from Boulevard Kaputsinok` (2010) or a sapper in the satirical film `Rzhevskij against Napoleona` (2012). Panin can be called a true master cameo.


Alexei Panin was known not only as a talented actor, but also as a great kicker. He has repeatedly appeared before the court for their mischievous antics, and not only in Russia but also other countries of the former USSR. For example, in August 2013 to the actor brought a criminal case against Ukraine for injury that he inflicted a resident of the Crimea. In September of the same year he was arrested in the town of Vyazniki Vladimir region, and in October - in Blagoveshchensk.

Even greater disclosure was the case in January 2015, when Panin, demanding a meeting with his daughter, a few days besieging the apartment of his ex-wife Julia Yudintseva. Until 2008, they lived in a civil marriage, and since then, as the dispersed, fought a real war for her daughter. For resisting police the actor was detained and taken to the police station. The court sentenced him to ten days of administrative arrest and ordered to pay a fine of 30 thousand rubles.

It is noteworthy that during the siege of the apartment Panin said that for the sake of meeting with her daughter canceled the tour and even quarreled with the producers. The actor said that if it now invites the shooting itself Nikita Mikhalkov or tear relationship with him all the studio, he still will not budge. According to Alexis, which is why it can not be beat.

In addition to acts of hooliganism, Panin times baffle the public with his outrageous statements. For example, in 2013 in the program `Man nevidimka` actor admitted that he is bisexual. Previously, he has repeatedly criticized the society of homophobia and said that tolerant of the LGBT community. According to Alexei, society needs to get rid of stereotypes and prejudices. Every adult has the right to do what he wants. The main thing - do not make each other badly.

It is clear that such a position turned away from the actor`s many fans, but he was, by and large, do not care. Panin never chased fame, and he does not care how it will affect his career. At the same time, to receive glory controversial actor is also not part of his plans. He was always a man - critical, hot, explosive and unpredictable.

Alexei Panin continued to appear in small roles, but he still manages to remain visible. Any other actor in his place would have long been forgotten. But not charismatic Panin. After all, as he himself said, it is impossible to win.

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