Alexey Katyshev

Picture of Alexey Katyshev

Date of Birth: 03/17/1951

Age: 55

Place of birth: Donetsk | data_smerti | = 30.11.2006 year

Citizenship: Ukraine


Alex was born in the Donetsk region in a normal working family. When his father started having problems with the lungs, the doctors asked him to move to Yalta, possesses a unique microclimate. There`s Alex, and graduated from high school.

After graduation, the young man entered the sound engineer course at the Yalta film studio. At the same time in the same place at the studio he worked in mikrofonschikom zvukotsehe, and later as an assistant operator.

My favorite actor Alexander Rowe

At that time, the famous director Aleksendr Rowe filmed his next film in Yalta "Jack Frost." It is here that he noticed a handsome young man. "Young man, you do not even know what you have wonderful eyes. Such data is a sin not to use ", - he said, and suggested Alexei (without samples!) A major role in the film-tale" Fire, water and copper pipes. " So in 17 years Katishev became a film actor.

The picture was a huge success. And Alex Katishev, golden-haired handsome Vasya played, winning Koshchey Immortal, was not just recognizable, and wildly popular.

Almost immediately after the shooting of Alexis drafted. Serve it was sent to the Far East, Primorye Territory. At first no one knew in the army. When found out who they serve, they began to carry as a unique exhibit on the various parts. Alex spoke to the soldiers, telling how the film was shot ...

Soon, however, a service for Alexis ended. Great kinoskazochnik Rowe doted on the young artist. It is said that he believed Alexei almost the name of his son. And when he began to shoot a fairy tale "Barbarian-beauty, long braid," then asked for the transfer Katysheva in Leningrad. The remaining half of Alexey service held on the set.

In the fairy tale fishing "Varvara, beauty, long braid" Katishev played fisherman son Andrew, deceived Miracle Yudo. This work, he further cemented viewers love. It was a real glory.


In 19 years, Alexei married. Family life began tragically. A year later they had a daughter, Oksana. She lived long and died shortly. It was a heavy blow. But in 1971 he and his wife`s second daughter was born, which is called the name of the deceased, Oksana. Three years later - another daughter Jana. Then there was Pauline.

Alexander Rowe advised Katysheva come to VGIK. And perhaps it would have been different if not for the death of the great director. After the death of the director Katysheva everything went awry. Offers to act became less and less. Alex starred in a "Spring fairy tale" by A. Ostrovsky, "Snow Maiden" based on the play, and then forever separated from the cinema.

Alex could not withstand the blow. Yesterday there were numerous fans and friends. But the glory - an insidious thing, everything collapsed in a moment. He began to drink, first slowly, then more and more. The family began scandals.

To support the family, Sergei went to study in a driving school. Got the right, took a 62nd carpool milk tanker driver. I did not expect that at the wheel, he ottrubit milk tanker for almost 20 years. Periodically, Alex tried to return to the studio, but to no avail.

Daughters grew. Elder began working in hospital operating sister, younger - nurses.

Currently, the man lowered hardly anyone knows of a handsome Rowe tales. Alex sometimes works, more often collect empty bottles. With his wife, they are not divorced, but for a long time do not live together.