Alexey Jarkov

Picture of Alexey Jarkov

Date of Birth: 03/27/1948

Age: 68

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


When we met with Alexey Zharkov, the actor looked very tired. He smoked one cigarette after another. Often he sighed. And said strange things. For example? "I - a terrible pessimist and samokopatel always feel dissatisfaction in the work" - his phrase. And this despite the fact that Zharkov more work in film and he is always in demand in the theater!

- Alex D., do you not believe in his skills?

- I`m sure something - for thirty-two years of work on stage is something learned, but not necessarily to talk about it out loud. Let people say ... Even if all the praise, it seems to me, would be even better.

Special features

Alexei Zharkov was born in Moscow on March 27, 1948. He graduated from the Moscow Art Theatre School. He played more than 100 roles in movies: "My Friend Ivan Lapshin", "Ten Little Indians", "In the city of Sochi dark night", "Prisoner of If Castle", "Criminal talent", "Let sleeping dogs lie" ... Now works theater. Yermolova.

- Where are you filming?

- In the series "Moscow laughs," the stories satirist Anatoly Trushkin. While it is supposed thirty episodes each - separate, independent story. But there are a few characters that pass from the series in the series. I play a guy that plain truth in the eye cuts, and can stand up for themselves and for others. When the prime minister? In late fall ... And I continue to star in the TV series "Secrets of Palace Revolutions" Svetlana Druzhininoj. Now we put the fifth and sixth of the series. (Zharkov plays Duke Alexis Dolgoruky - Auth.)

In a world of wise thoughts

"Maybe I seem banal, but I have all the roles favorite My profession -.. My passion puts her soul, even in the smallest incident to anything never treat" trifling. "

- How to stand a kind of rhythm?

-- Fine. It`s not scary, not - so many interesting things in life that need to have time and work, and enjoy the world go by. I go to bed very late - until two or three o`clock in the morning is still some kind of personal life goes on, and I get up at seven in the morning, do a little zaryadochku ...

- Zaryadochku?

- And how! Otherwise, what`s a man out of me? Sometimes at home I am doing sometimes - on the simulator at the cottage.

- By the way, about the country. If I am not mistaken, two years ago there was one carriage, which was not closed ...

- Now - a small cozy house. The modest by today`s standards, now in fact built on a grand scale. But I "eternal" problem - the unfinished: at some point begin to feel that something was done wrong, and begin to rebuild. Thank God, go not far away, in the suburbs, so there is the possibility of very early to jerk back, and by the beginning of the play to return to Moscow.

- Garden Garden?

- Ogorod not. Flowers, shrubs and a small vegetable Teplicka.

- Who teplichke involved: you or your wife?

- (Sighs.) Of course, his wife. I am in this matter is not adapted.

- And she does not protest that you are not doing anything?

- (. Proudly) I do! Dishes my house, all of it. And even in the kitchen sometimes make me - cook a salad, potatoes clean. Besides, I love carpentry, so so long and order. (Laughs.)

- You have a favorite corner in the house?

- In the kitchen, at the stove. This is the most comfortable place: warm tea, you can put a coffee drink. And the "telly", again close.

- What`s on the "telly" look?

- News, "Culture" channel. It is a pity that you can not view all the series of our popular series "Streets of Broken Lamps", "Deadly force". But I like them. Recently I went on the World Cup, so do not miss a single match. If you do not have time to time, I looked at the record late at night.

- So like football?

- Not only football, sports in general love. At the time, many engaged in large and table tennis. And in the theater we have our own football team - each year stand in the championship between Moscow theaters. I - the goalkeeper.

- What do you mean!

- (. Modestly) Yes. But this season, we were not very good - we beat Mayakovsky Theater.

- Who are the judges?

- Actors from other theaters. And in the finals invite professionals.


"At the film festival in Arkhangelsk in my gate scored eight goals: against us, team of the festival, performing city administration. But they - the guys are all young, sports and much better than we are prepared. It was the only time that I missed so many goals" .

- Your wife - housewife. She decided so?

- Together we decided that we had a daughter, Anastasia. I was very actively acted, many performances were - flew to other cities for a long time was not at home. Luba, too much flying - was hostess. It is necessary because it was someone and raise children, keep the house.

- My wife and I met on a plane?

- No, in the theater. After one performance (my role was far from home - two or three sentences, but I was on the scene for quite a while). Luba came to me - "thank you for the game," and ... to meet you. Not to say that it is love at first sight, but it all happened very quickly, we became husband and wife is almost a month. And still we live happily.

- Are not you embarrassed that it has taken the first step - I think this is normal. A woman can find decent moves and the first to introduce myself.

All wives yus!

"It happened that the wedding day coincided with the day when I was busy in the play. Once released, we went to drink a glass (banquet table for the guests, of course, it was set) and immediately rushed to the theater - a big company, accompanied by the best man. Friends sat in the hall, and Ljuba - in a veil, a white dress - behind the scenes. I played the entrant, and although there was a costume, approved by the main artist and director, I was allowed to play right in a tuxedo and bow tie. but I went on stage as was greeted with loud applause - for the first time received a standing ovation in this production, it is your wedding day. "

- In the fall you have the wedding anniversary of ... will celebrate?

- (Laughs.) Well, I think, not to the whole country. (Seriously.) Be sure will.

- What do your children?

- Maxim - the senior investigator of the prosecutor`s office. Nastya is a sophomore in the acting department GITIS, but now it RATA - the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts.

- The daughter she wanted to become an actress?

-- Of course. Though I am not discouraged, but the finger does not hit on the finger, so she was admitted. Yes Nastya and she requested that I not prevailed in any way, even the examination repertoire chooses. Two times came, and the second time made the same of his. Well done! All the difficulties - they are still in the treasury.

- Here you are the goalkeeper and the smoke ...

- Strangely enough, yes. Twenty years already dymlyu. But I measure: two cigarettes per hour - is not terrible.

- And what are you still there are bad habits?

-- ABOUT! Well, all the vices of men: love is good to drink, women like. Fine!

Author: Irina Pavlik

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