Alexey Boyarchuk

Picture of Alexey Boyarchuk

Date of Birth: 04/10/1971

Age: 45

Place of birth: Yalta

Citizenship: Ukraine

I - for the casino and wealthy tourists

Alexei V., in the summer you have the time to go to the beach?

- This year, once plunged. Yaltinets because she thinks: "Sea side, then I will go tomorrow or the weekend. And then October - e-my! Well, never mind, next summer I will go. "

But in winter, they say, you cut and skiing, and snowmobiling.

- I rest on the Ai-Petri. Before fracture skied (in April, the mayor of Yalta injured leg -. Ed.). And ATV, and snowmobile there. I like outdoor recreation: it seems to be not far from Yalta, at the same time it is possible to react quickly in case of emergency. And any trip, even on the embankment with the child turns into bodies meeting: people come up, questions are being asked. But sitting in the office will not see anything, so be sure to take a stroll, ride around the city.

Tell me, on the Ai-Petri kogda-nibud will be organized by the winter resort?

- I saw the ski resorts and imagine what people expect. However bitter it may, I can say that on the Ai-Petri ever this will not happen. We have the largest descent - 1200 m, while the good resorts - 14 km. Therefore, we can only resort to be of local importance. Others can be turned out by snow cannons, but to put this here, we need industrial water. And on the Ai-Petri it is necessary to drag or Yalta or Bakhchisarai.

How to solve the problem with Shalmanov Ai-Petri?

- This headache naturally remains. Understand chto-to to remove, it is necessary to offer in return chto-to. Today, a huge number of people rises to the Ai-Petri. There`s nature, forest, grasses, much cooler than here. Points catering on board is working with the violation of sanitary standards, even though sometimes I do it in these institutions. By law, they must be removed. But then you need to do development plan of Ai-Petri, hold the water back to take a good investor who would build a restaurant and parking for cars. And if you just pull down all today, tomorrow people will not go there, and we just lose one more attractive place for tourists.

You already in full swing preparing for the festival Crimea music fest, which will take place in September. Alla Pugacheva spoke?

- I met her, when he worked in the hotel "Yalta-Intourist". I settle, provided attention. I can not say that we know, but she knows that I am there. Frankly, I`m not a big fan of concerts. That ride a quad bike and go kuda-nibud - it`s me. And I was at a concert half an hour I start to go crazy, looking for a reason to leave. But to distinguish Alla Pugacheva Sofia Rotaru, of course, can (laughs), but I will not say that I know the repertoire.

But the festival support?

- For the city this is a very important event. It would be nice if it drag "Jurmala" to us. Organizers say that the Yalta much nicer than Jurmala and the volume of the room and along the waterfront, to the same visa-free space here. In Crimea it is easier to fly to and from Russia and from Ukraine. Suppose Antalya lays direct money into advertising, so you can see billboards across Europe. We have in the budget there is no such possibility. Therefore, activities such as the Prime Yalta Rally and Crimea Music Fest, - it`s the same advertising, which we at the same time do not spend crazy money.

On the Prime Yalta Rally expected 300 thousand tourists. What came really?

- Real counts not. But this is exactly given a splash. Hotel "Yalta-Intourist" in June, the period is not high season, it has been completely loaded. "Oreanda", "Villa Elena", "Palmira Palace" - too. Unorganized holidaymakers were many. Wait just a huge effect on the first year of such an exercise is not necessary. Festival in Jurmala also did not immediately went, and only the third or fourth year. Some athletes even went to Yalta and doubt. Then they asked me: "This is what country?" The answer: "Ukraine". And they are: "We are all over Ukraine in their wagons drove seen. And this is what country? ". So we stand out in this regard.

A few years ago, quite seriously discussed the construction project of the Crimean Las Vegas - areas where it will be allowed to operate a casino.

- This question is still pending. The casino is only allowed in five-star hotels, and we have such a - a "Villa Elena", but there are no casinos create opportunities. If they are now the second building to be built, then maybe it makes. In general, we are in favor, to Yalta city was open for gambling. People come here to rest from all points of the former Soviet Union, from abroad, and if anyone has the desire to play - please play! The main thing that drove people here!

If there is to build casinos, marinas, in Yalta, the price will be even higher. Are not you afraid of losing tourists middle class?

- And we ourselves and positioning, and develop as a prestigious resort. We are not looking for a great visit. We need a high-quality tourist, not the one who comes and roast potatoes on the stove-top, as in the past in the "Yalta-Intourist". I worked there and I know that you go down the hall - and the whole hotel smell of potatoes and onions. We are positioned as the Soviet times the city for the wealthy. We have towns with lower prices in the same Big Yalta.

This summer, you entered the guest card tourist. It is justified?

- Of course. Tourist tax this year - 9 times higher than in the past. The card is issued free of charge when you pay tourist tax in our agencies. It is so popular that people come and ask: "Where to buy it?". And all because many entrepreneurs give 10-15% discounts in their restaurants and establishments for those who have these cards.

From the "Intourist" - the mayor`s office

Name: Alex Boyarchuk

Born: 10.04.1972 in Yalta

Career: 2006 - Secretary of the city council of Yalta, 2010 - Mayor of Yalta

He studied at the secondary school