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Ishim var - has a job

In 1975, fate gave me an appointment with a man who was 6 years younger ... Pushkin and Lermontov`s 9 years older!

The oldest inhabitant of the planet, the Azerbaijani aksakal Shirali Mislimovu was the 170th year.

I, special correspondent of the newspaper "Youth of Azerbaijan", was commissioned to make predyubileyny report. And that`s what struck me at the time: every morning without an alarm clock at exactly 5:00 Shirali Baba, grunting and sneezing, noisy up with ottomans.

- Jara Gedir Xiang, ah kishi? (Where are you going?) - Asked its 100-year-old wife Hatub Khanum.

- Ishim Var. (Job is.) - Posted Shirali Baba, took a hoe and went into the garden.

In 170 years! Ishim Var.

... In 1970, I was visiting Saryan on the eve of its 90th anniversary. He was in the studio, looked at the magnificent work (one "Ararat Valley" is worth something!) And asked, among other things, some of the paintings Maitre most road which one is the best for him? Martiros, a little thought, said, winking mischievously: "The best - to come!"

Just think, in 90 years - so zhizneustremlennost! All ahead!