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Date of Birth: 09/22/1958

Age: 58

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia



Rezalin Alexander was born in Moscow into a family of engineers. About his childhood, Alexander Borisovich remembers: "We lived on the street Bohdan Khmelnytsky - now called Maroseyka. One of my earliest childhood memories - a demonstration that go past our windows. "

So it was that in his childhood, Alexander was not engaged in any initiative. He regularly attended the British School, then moved to the mathematics class. Love for the theater, the boy emerged thanks to a teacher of literature. She periodically arranged in the evening, in which the students participated. On one of these evenings, dedicated to Anton Chekhov, Alexander read the letter with his scenes. He says: "... suddenly felt some of his irony ... Apparently, it sounded because I was praised. And what a sweet poison of success sunk into the soul ... "Perhaps this was the first impetus to the choice of future profession.

The choice of way of life

It is not necessary, however, to think that after that Alexander immediately decided to become an actor. After school, the young man, as expected, chose the profession of engineer. He entered the MIIT, but from the second year began to look for the use of their creativity. Alexander went to the national theater reader, tried to enter the theater school ...

After graduating from the MIIT, Alexander Rezalin contest was held simultaneously in the Moscow Art Theater and GITIS ... and got a job as an engineer. Only a year later, Alexander decided to definitively link their fate with the acting profession and enrolled at the Moscow Art Theatre School at the rate Popov.


Upon completion in 1985, the Moscow Art Theatre School Alexander Rezalin together with three fellow students was invited Konstantin Raikin theater "Satyricon." Raikin canceled skill novice actors to depict various objects and animals. With one of these rooms they even filmed in the program "Jolly Fellows".

In "Satyricon" Alexander Rezalin played in the play "Hercules and the Augean stables", dancing in the play "Faces".

Having worked with Konstantin Raikin four years, at the invitation of Rezalin Gregory Gurvich moved to the theater "Die Fledermaus", where it is recognized as an actor, "was all clear, easily." There Rezalin first started singing - under the band, with a microphone. Gurvich did number, where he sang French chansons, and neither more nor less - Frank Sinatra! Among the roles played in the theater: the actor in the play P. "Reading new play" and author of the play "I steppe in Moscow."

Alexander Rezalin said: "Working in" Die Fledermaus "has any one of the incarnation, which was given to me very easy in principle, but wanted more serious theatrical roles. And the last 3 years combined work there to work in the theater of the Moon ... "

Since 1995 Rezalin finally moved to the Theater of the Moon. Among his roles on the stage of this theater: Mephistopheles ( "Faust" - setting 1995 "Old, new Faustus" - performed in 2001, "Guy (" Dreams adult Robinson "- 1995), Darius (" Tais shining "- 1998) .

In addition to the Moon Theatre Alexander Rezalin acts in other theaters and entreprise. At various times, he played a role: Menachem Mendel ( "Requiem or Fiddler on the Roof" - Musical Theatre n / p V. Nazarov), Samir ( "Paris-awake

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