Alexandr Lykov

Picture of Alexandr Lykov

Date of Birth: 11/30/1961

Age: 54

Place of birth: village. Rahja

Citizenship: Russia



Alexander Lykov was born and raised in the village Rahja under Peter. He lived without a father. My grandmother worked in the dining room, and my mother - the storekeeper on the "LOMO", so little Sasha had to stay home alone from an early age.

As a child, Sasha was a restless boy, which led to the fact that one day he fell from the hill and got a spinal injury. As a result, the boy put on a doctor`s registration. When the doctors announced that he was almost an invalid, Sasha became self exercise for your back. And it helped. Later, he even engaged in karate and biathlon.

Study in LGITMiK

After school, Alexander Lykov was educated builder, and only then entered the Leningrad State Institute of Theater, Music and Cinematography (LGITMiK), where he had to learn on the course VV Petrov.

At the entrance exams in Theater Institute Alexander Lykov he met his future wife. Alla Gospodenko came LGITMiK act in the same year as Lykov. However, unlike Alexander, it is not passed on competition. The girl remained in Leningrad, to qualify for admission to the next year. All this time, Alexander and Alla met and were married next fall.

During his studies, Alexander did not differ by about minded. He recognized that, together with his comrades led the wild life, the consequence of which was as much as 18 drives to the police! Nevertheless, the Institute of Alexander still successfully graduated.

Construction battalion

In 1984, Alexander graduated from college and had to get into Lensoviet theater. The fact that the head of Igor Petrovich Vladimirov theater noticed the talented student in the years of his studies. Just get right to the theater Alexander could not - he was drafted into the army.

Alexander frankly no luck - he had to serve in the North in the construction battalion. He recalls: "I was in the army in a construction battalion. There urged children from Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Chechnya - they all huddled in the fraternities. As for the Russian - one third of them were prisoners. Those who sat on the early childhood, so the rest of the troops did not take them. And I was an artist, a theater finished high school, I was invited to the Theater of Leningrad City Council. My stay in the army was tantamount to life in jail ... "

Wanderings n of the theaters

After serving a year and seven months, Alexander Lykov returned to St. Petersburg, and in 1985 was admitted to the Theatre. Leningrad City Council. Alla wife while finishing stage. The young family had a hard time. One after another, they had a daughter Kate and son Matthew. With two children Lykovs first wandered from door to door, and then moved into a communal, then - in a one-room apartment.

In 1989, Alexander Lykov, after three years of work in the Theater of Leningrad City Council went to Leningrad Theatre for Young People. But even there, the actor did not stay for a long time - in 1991, he left the company. This was followed by work in the theater of the Lenin Komsomol Theatre on Foundry and finally, since 1994 - in the theater "Territory".

What is the cause of constant throwing Alexander? He himself admits that although each time reasons were different, but the main reason was one - just at a certain point it became boring and depressing work in the company ...

Movie. The first role

In the movie, Alexander Lykov began acting in 1989. Although initially it was a small role, the main thing is that the young actor was lucky enough to be removed from the real masters - Joseph Heifits in the drama "The Wandering Bus" and Naum Birman in the drama "Cyrano de Bergerac."

Soon Alexander Lykov and began an affair with the TV. After shooting in the film "Sideburns" director Yuri Mamin invited actor in the television project "Chameleon". Alexander Lykov recalls: "Funny, funny was his program: different characters, costumes ... I really like to play with masks, I love these things."

Meanwhile Lykov continued to actively act in films. Following the roles of the second plan came and main. Many viewers remember Alexander for an interesting role in the film "The discerning bride" (1993), where his hero tossed between a girlfriend ...


In the mid-90s the situation in the Russian film industry began to develop not for the better. Role offered little, and Lykov, as well as many other actors had to literally survive.

In this difficult period, he was invited to the show "Streets of Broken Lamps" (on the works of writer Andrew Kivinova). As you know, Alexander Lykov childhood harbored no particular sympathy for the police, and then he was offered a starring role - operative Kazantseva, nicknamed Casanova. Why zheon agreed? The actor explains that he just wanted to stay in the skin of those people whom he believed in his own words, "the goats."

Suddenly Alexander Lykov police discovered perfectly with the other hand. He says: "Even before the start of filming of the series Andrew Kivinov introduced me to the prototype of the hero of my raspberries. With him and his companions went on a mission. Great guys. As I understand it, in the "killer" department involved unwanted boss people, decent, and his perception of life. "

Alexander admits that, initially, he (like other actors) reacted to the shooting of the show as usual careless. But then he tightened his role became more interesting. Hero Lykov brought to the show a special flavor of its mischievous, energetic, intelligent and loving impudent. And that he literally conquered the audience, especially the female half of it. Indeed, his masculine charm impossible to resist ...

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