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Date of Birth: 05/17/1943

Age: 70

Place of birth: Rasskazovo

Citizenship: Russia



One hundred percent, a native Muscovite Alexander Lenkov ... born in the Tambov region in the village of Rasskazovo. And it happened because of the fact that his mother, a student of the Moscow Pedagogical Institute, went to give birth in the village. As she later explained - so it was quieter. But a month later, my mother with a newborn back to the capital.

Sasha spent his childhood in the postwar years. Kommunalka. Seven families, one toilet at all. The kitchen, which serves lunch, dinner, and wash children. Just like everyone else. Pope Alexander, a rocket engineer, a classified employee who worked all his life under seal "his own recognizance." My mother taught in a school of higher mathematics. And who would have thought that their son grow up to be an artist ...

It all began with the school. More precisely, with its location. The fact that the school in which he studied, Sasha, was close to the theater to them. Moscow City Council. Once out of the theater people came to find for the play boy. Their choice fell on Sasha Lenkova. Sasha had already been the first theater experience - in the first grade, he played Snow White in the school play. Now he was waiting for the real scene. He first appeared as the son of the cleaner in the play, "third-year student", and then - as a millionaire`s son in "theft".

I love the theater Sasha Lenkov suffered and into the yard, where it only as "Sasha-actor" is not called. Boy suit children`s puppet theater - stretched a blanket, and they played the song. With the money, Sasha bought a movie camera and filmed friends, school, cartoons. All its products are published under the brand studio "Lenfilm". So the future of Sasha has been predetermined.


Sam Alexander Lenkov admits that at first he did not want to become an artist: "Then I realized that this profession is interesting, if you take it hurts, Samoyed."

After high school, Alexander Lenkov wanted to do to VGIK. But one day he happened to see an ad in the newspaper about a set of studio Yu.Zavadskogo. So the young man was in the Theatre School at the Academic Theatre. Moscow City Council.

In 1964, Alexander graduated from the school, and was accepted into the troupe of the theater. Moscow City Council, where he works to this day.

Over the years it has been played many different roles, among them: Jacques ( "Edith Piaf" V.Legentova), Vasily Terkin ( "Basil Terkin" Tvardovsky), Locke ( "Bee" A.Fransa), Roger Trampleyn ( "Noises off" M.Freyna) Dorn ( "The Seagull" by Anton Chekhov), Madame Plush ( "Love is not a joke," A. De Musset), sir Toby ( "Twelfth night" by William Shakespeare).

His playing is distinguished by precision and expressiveness of plastic figure, a combination of eccentric shapes with organic living and subtle psychological. Short, thin, plastic, Alexander Lenkov amazes spectators constant reincarnations and unexpected twists in the behavior of his characters.

Among the last works of the actor on the price of theater. Moscow City Council: Zyuzyukin in the play "Man on the weekends," Matthew - "Silver Age", Belardo - "The Dancing Master" Fessard - "Do not wake Madame."

In addition, Alexander Lenkov involved in the performances of other theaters. The Confederation of Theatrical Unions Simpleton he played Father Mishael in the play "Boris Godunov" (Director - D. Donnellan), and in the Playwright and Director Center participated in the play "And - this is another" O. Subbotina director.


The movie was filmed Alexander Lenkov not so much. And, nevertheless, he knows the whole country. the characters he created, strange, eccentric people whose actions are not always clear to others, have always attracted attention, whether it`s the janitor wizard from the children`s film "The Adventures of Petrov and Vasechkina" or Alesha from the film "Circus in the Circus."

Millions of people remember and love the actor for his role as Pope Denis Korablev in the film "secret throughout the world." Well, you can, for example, forget the episode when he and Dennis try to cook the chicken!

Directed gladly used the comedic talent of the actor. Therefore, among the works of Alexander Lenkova mostly comedies ( "Spring efforts", "Give Me a Complaints Book", "The keys to the sky", "Talking Monkey"), or children`s movies ( "The magic of black and white", "Teens in the Universe," "The Mystery of the Snow Queen "). Vivid images of clumsy, well-groomed male bachelors were created by Alexander Lenkovym in melodramas "Winter Cherry" and "Little Vera".

Stepan Cabbage

For many years Alexander Lenkov gave the radio and animation. His extraordinary and unique voice as if created for the audio fairy-tale characters. I do not leave it to this activity and with the arrival on our screens Disney cartoons. Voice Alexander Lenkova, for example, said Piglet in the Winnie the Pooh series of.

In the popular program "put out the light!" NTV Alexander Lenkov sounded Stepan cabbage. This TV project quickly gained millions of fans. There was a lot of enemies and programs. This is no accident. Heroes transmission, Stepan Cabbage and Hryunov walrus polimeziruyut on various, sometimes very controversial subjects. One issue was once even taken off the air.

The work of Alexander Lenkova on television was highly appreciated. In 2001, the transfer with his participation - "thumbnail CEAAE" and "Extinguish light" - received the award Taffy.


Daughter Alexandra Lenkova, Katia - art designer. Dmitry-law - an electronics engineer. Growing up the grandson of Philip. Alexander categorically opposed to the one followed in his footsteps. "This profession is so dependent on luck! Even without the talent, it depends on the case .... From the case ..! "- He says.

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