Alexandr Kovalevskiy

Picture of Alexandr Kovalevskiy

Date of Birth: 11/19/1840

Age: 61

Citizenship: Russia


Alexander Kovalevsky Kovalevsky - eminent zoologist (1840 - 1901). He graduated from the course at St. Petersburg University in the category of Natural Sciences. He received a master`s degree for his thesis: "The history of the development of Amphioxus - Amphioxus lanceolatus", a doctorate for his thesis: "On Phoronis development." He was successively professor of zoology at the University of Kazan, Kiev and Novorossiysk. In 1870 - 73 years toured with the scientific purpose of the Red Sea and in Algeria. After the new foreign tour was elected in 1890 ordinary academician of the Imperial Academy of Sciences and sent to the scientific purpose of the south of Russia. In 1891 he took the chair of histology at St. Petersburg University. He was an honorary member of the Society of Naturalists at Russian universities and director of Sevastopol Zoological Station. For his work "Embryologische Studien an Wurmern und Arthropoden" ( "Mem. De l`Ac. Imp. D. Sciences de S. Petersb.", 1871) was awarded the Prize of the Academy of Sciences of Baire. Most of the work is devoted to embryology Kovalevsky, mostly invertebrates. Studies made by them in the 60`s, first established the doctrine of the germ layers in invertebrates. There is almost no more or less large groups of invertebrates, the study of which would be precise and detailed studies Kovalevsky did not play a very significant role, and some of the open facts to them (eg gastrulation Amphioxus et al., Regressive development of sea squirts, sexual dimorphism Bonelia etc. .) served as the basis for a very important generalizations. In the last years of his life Kovalevsky his research focused on the morphology of the leeches, and certain shellfish, as well as clarification of the excretory and fagotsitarnyhorganov in invertebrates, and it hardly affected earlier issues (particularly in relation to the excretory organs), they obtained highly significant results pave new paths in the field of comparative physiology. Kovalevsky published numerous scientific papers (more than 60), of which the main addition to the above: ".. Beitrage zur Anat und Entwicklungsgeschichte d Loxosoma Neapolitanum" ( ". Mem de l`Acad Imp des Sc de St.-Petersburg...", 1866); "Entwicklungsgeschichte der Rippenquallen" (ibid); "Entwicklungsgeschichte der einfachen Ascidien" (ibid); "Beitrage z Entw der Holothurien.." (Ibid, 1867); "The buck planarieobraznom Bonelli" ( "Notes of the Kiev Society of Natural History", 1870); "Observations on the development of Brachiopoda" ( "Proceedings of the Imperial Society of Naturalists", 1874); "Ueber die Entwicklungsgeschichte d Pyrosoma." ( "Archiv f mikr Anatomie..", 1875); "Embryogenie du Chiton Polli etc." ( ".. Ann du Musee d`hist nat d Marseille..", 1883); "Zur Entwicklungsgeschichte der Lucernaria" ( "Zool Anz..", 1884); "Zur Embryologie der Musciden" (ibid); "Beitrage z Kenntniss der nachembryonalen Entwicklung d Musciden.." ( "Zeitschrift f wissenschaftliche Zoologie.", 1887); together with Marion: "Ein Beitrag z Kenntniss d Excretionsorgane.." ( "Biol Centralblatt.", volume IX,