Alexandr Korkin

Picture of Alexandr Korkin

Date of Birth: 03/03/1837

Age: 71

Place of birth: a. Shuyskoe Vologda

Citizenship: Russia


Almost half a century continued at St. Petersburg University research and teaching activities of the student Chebyshev Alexander Nikolayevich Korkin. He was born near the village. Shumsky Vologda province in the family of a wealthy farmer. Korkin graduated with a gold medal of the Vologda grammar school, and in 1854 entered the razryadfiziko Mathematics and Mathematics Faculty of St. Petersburg University.

During his first scientific paper "Maximum and minimum values" (1856) Faculty awarded him a gold medal. On the recommendation of Bunyakovskii work was published in the "Students `collection` for 1857

In 1858 he graduated from the University Korkin and began prepodavatmatematiku the First Cadet Corps. In 1860 he defended his master`s thesis "On the definition of arbitrary functions in the integrals of partial differential equations" and moved to the University of St. Petersburg.

In 1862-1864 gg. Korkin was sent abroad, where he attended lectures Lam, Liouville, Bertrand (Paris) Kummer (in Berlin).

At the beginning of 1868 he defended his doctoral thesis "On the set of equations with partial proizodnymi first order and some issues of mechanics," and in the same year he was elected an extraordinary professor in the Department of Mathematics. In 1873 Korkin - ordinary professor, and in 1886 he received the title of Distinguished Professor.