Alexandr Brodskiy

Picture of Alexandr Brodskiy

Age: 73

Citizenship: Israel


Alexander Brodsky was born in the evacuation of the family lawyer (in military time school teacher) and the teacher of the conservatory, in Uzbekistan in 1942, and in 1944, immediately after the liberation of the city, the family returned to Chisinau. Where he finished 3rd high school, attended the literary circle at the newspaper "Youth of Moldova", which was led by the poet Rudolf Olszewski (at the same time in the early 1960s this circle visited Leo Berinskiy Alexander Ozhiganov Boris Viktorov and other notable later writers) . In 1961-1964 he served in the army.

In 1970, A. M. Brodsky graduated from the journalism faculty of Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov Moscow State University with a degree of literary editor. He worked in the editorial office of Chisinau literary magazine "Nistru", led the Russian edition of the bilingual Jewish newspaper "Our Voice" ( "& # 1488; & # 1493; & # 1504; & # 1491; & # 1494; & # 1506; & # 1512; & # 1511; & # 1493; & # 1500; "). Member of the Writers` Union since 1978. In 1981-1983 he studied in the first issue group of Jewish Language and Literature Higher literary courses of the USSR Writers Union at the Maxim Gorky Literature Institute, together with Leo Berinskiy, Boris Sandler, Velvlom Chernin iMoyshe Pansy.

Alexander Brodsky was one of the most prolific interpreters of classical and contemporary Moldavian poetry and prose in Russian, in his translations of the works went separate editions Asachi Gheorghe, Mihai Eminescu, Vasile Alecsandri, Spiridon Vangeli and dozens of other Moldovan writers. Beginning in the 1980s, also translated from Yiddish (eg, posthumously published novel "The same year," Joseph Rabin and the collection of Boris Sandler`s "Steps to a miracle"). Even in Israel, translated from the Romanian book of memoirs of the chief rabbi of Romania, Moses Rosen "Dangers tests miracles" and the collection of Rabbi Rosen`s comments on the Torah (the latter in conjunction with Leo Berinskiy); translated from other languages.

Since December, 1992 - in Israel (lives in Bat Yam), "Jewish fork" until 2002, was the editor of the literary supplement of the newspaper "News of the Week." It publishes mostly literary essays in various periodicals of the country under the name of Mickey Wulf. In book form essays Mickey Wulf was collected in the collection