Alexandr Bovin

Picture of Alexandr Bovin

Date of Birth: 09/08/1930

Age: 73

Place of birth: Leningrad

Citizenship: Russia

Alexander Bovin: I - Zoological optimistic

This book is written with an inherent Bovina aphoristic. And though he always warned that writing "flowing muddy waters of the Jordan" does not want to, as well as Bulgakov wrote: "The darkness that came from the Mediterranean Sea covered hated by the procurator city" - can not, the book is full of subtle witty remarks and deep philosophical reasoning of the author . And yet - in every line betrays a great love for our country and its people. "Israel - is nowadays the only utopia that stood on the winds of history." His assessment of the situation in the Middle East is still relevant today: "The main feature of the peace process and the main pitfall in his way - is the lack of clearly stated ultimate goals."

Many years ago, when only just been restored diplomatic relations between Russia and Israel, Bovin first expressed the idea of ??the Russian-Israeli strategic partnership. Alexander E. was the Russian ambassador in Israel in the four prime ministers: Shamir, Rabin, Peres and Netanyahu. After winning the 1996 election Bibi has received a private letter from Bovina, who Aesopian language (so that it does not look as interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign state) wrote how, in his opinion, it is better to equip Israel.

Interestingly, Bovin was the first biographer of the leader of the party Our Home - Israel. To whom he dedicated a chapter of his book: "Lieberman - a wonderful person, the highest achievement of" Russian "aliyah to Israel permanent - a tiny village of El-David in the Judean desert center near the famous Herodion was born in Chisinau to Israel came in 1978... "

Succeeding in December 1991, the pen of the journalist to pen a diplomat, Alexander E. turned himself into a facility for numerous interviewers - both local and visiting. First, he readily shared his thoughts with his colleagues, but then, seeing how his remarks mercilessly distort, interpret and comment, become isolated and only replied in writing to questions submitted in advance. And most Assertive invariably replied: "Can you write:" Russian Ambassador to Israel Alexander Bovin said: "Water is now in the warm Mediterranean Sea."

- Alexander E., remember how you got me taken aback by these words, when I was still a journalist "Neva time" has arrived to take you an interview after the elections in 1992? - I asked as we sat down at a table in a Moscow restaurant "Sim-Sim", which Bovin invited me to lunch. Alexander E. loves oriental cuisine.

- I do not remember - frankly admitted Bovin - but now I will answer with pleasure to all your questions, so far we have not brought what we ordered.

"Ask, do not hesitate," - he said, and he immediately began rattling off questions:

- And what Lieberman has not yet become prime minister? I look forward to it. And how do you our Mironov? (We are talking about Sergey Mironov - Chairman of the Federation Council -.. Ed.) After this, I advised him not to meet with Arafat. Here is how it was. Mironov came to my advice: go to him, "Uncle Yasha" or not. He was interested, of course, is mainly what will happen, how things react. I`m in the Foreign Ministry say all the time: "Stay away from Israel anyway can not do anything better Let the United States in the Middle East currently cones stuffed..."

- I am sure that a great war you will not be there - suddenly said Bovin.

- Why do you think Firstly, I zoological optimistic because so fat?. Secondly, no Arab country would not attack Israel, and Israel, too, will never attack first. Even Saddam Hussein will not dare to attack. He knows that he will soon "Khan". It is, of course, crazy, but not to the same degree. And then, he is nothing, the Americans needlessly frighten the whole world that Iraq has biological weapons. While it is known that he has, sorry, only gases. He hunted them Kurds: A Sharon then your half dove appeared. Nobody in Russia from it did not expect.

- And we did not expect!

- Probably from Peres contracted. Perez became as Maya Plisetskaya: all dancing, and already sick to watch. Do you think Sharon will hold on until the next elections or early fall down? (We are diplomatically silent. No comments.)

- What do you think, Alexander E., who form the basic principles of Russian foreign policy? Whose opinion is crucial to Putin?

- Putin and forms, and his own opinion is decisive for him.

- Could you answer the question: "Who is Mr Putin?"

- If one vial, let put Nemtsov, and the other - Prokhanov (you know, of course, who is Prohanov?), Then merge them into a single bottle and shake well, you get Putin.

- The other real candidates for the presidency in Russia, in my opinion, is no.

- It just seems that there are no other figures.

- Chubais, in your opinion, could become President of Russia?

- Chubais, in my opinion, it is better to be prime minister, but the president may well be Irina Khakamada - said Bovin, with appetite and eating dolma praising Mazzoni.

- What is your forecast that in the twenty-first century, Russia and Israel relationship will come to the level of strategic partnership?

- The strategy requires tranquility. And before that, and so far away from us, and you. That is, as normal in the world of the country! For example, Austria, which is the biggest problem for the government - a sudden rain. Or Scotland - recently the protagonist of headlines was a mad bull. And in Russia - explosions, fires, murders:

- What political scientists think about this?

- We have a new genre - pop Political Science. There appear some Moscow TV hosts. Incidentally, I invite them all to his lecture chair to read. You know, I`m head of the department of journalism and the heading of the same name in the department of Russian State Humanitarian University (Russian State University for the Humanities)? I came up with a new subject "through the eyes of journalists Journalism". I had both of Kiseleva - Evgeni and Dimitri, Tania Mitkov and many others.

- Sami no longer write to the newspapers?

- In the words of Lenin: "It is better to make a revolution than to write about it." Now I picked up a new book. I want to call it a "Statement and a little about everything." His wife, however, was blamed for immodesty:

- Why?

- Said, "How is it a little about everything, but about himself - much to the contrary Old School I as a man of the new formation, can afford to be indiscreet?....

- Hard to believe that an indiscreet person can drive a car of the domestic brand "Oka".

- And I love my little "Oka".

- It is difficult to account for the drivers - today all of Moscow traffic jams like in Tel Aviv?

- Ride - still nothing. Parking is difficult, - said Bovin, and this phrase, like all the others sounded like aphorism.