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On a meeting with the candidates, people take axes and shockers

18 years ago, at the end of November 1991, in Kharkiv on the presidential candidate Leonid Kravchuk was assassinated. It decided to communicate with the common people in the central market of the city and almost became a victim of the attacker, whose stabbed assumed the major personal protection, Leonid Kravchuk Victor Palyvoda. Are today`s presidential candidates to insure against such attacks? This talk with General Alexander Birsanom, who heads the Office of the State Guard of Ukraine.

Recently, Viktor Yushchenko ordered UGOU protect presidential candidates. They are someone who really threatened?

- Our trip to the region revealed facts politzaangazhirovannosti representatives of various law enforcement agencies.

In what it is expressed?

- For example, in an incident involving Arseniy Yatsenyuk in Chernivtsi.

When an egg hurled at him?

- There have been other unpleasant moments, including threats. And I had to call with the requirement to strengthen the responsibility of people in the pursuit of the possible consequences if not fully be taken whole range of security measures. As a result, the meeting was held. But the black paint has been, and red, and eggs, and tomatoes. If not timely preventive measures, there would be something worse. Some law enforcement agencies have not detached themselves from political bias. They should contribute to the creation of equal conditions for all candidates.

Did you mean the Ministry of Internal Affairs, referring to the political exercised by engagement?

- For understandable reasons, I would not like to sound a specific organization. they are easily calculated if desired. But as well there was a tendency, the president expressed the need to strengthen the rule of law, warning about the responsibility of those who began to neglect them. Candidates must be the same conditions, including the relative safety. In fact, it turned out that in this respect one candidate - more preference, others - less.

Some candidates, for example, Anatoliy Hrytsenko, has refused to provide them protection ...

- Yes, three or four candidates said they did not need protection. The candidate is obliged to declare its refusal in writing. And that he takes responsibility for vseposledstviya that may occur.

What kind?

- Up to the tragic. Remember the events of 1999 in Krivoy Rog, where a rally in support of the Progressive Socialist Party leader Natalia Vitrenko, two grenades, because of which suffered more than forty people were thrown.

In someone`s address had already been threats, assassination?

- My answer is brief: preconditions were fulfilled. Direct same facts - touch wood - it was not.

I see the pictures on your desk all sorts of weapons, stun guns, gas cartridges - what a collection?

- All that we are withdrawing during the events, including with the participation of presidential candidates, which are now guarded. During sampling of those who came to them, are found guns with rubber bullets, gas canisters, knives, Shockers, even axes ...

And why are they men?

- We are also unclear. Responsible - for self-defense. Once we showed the seized Viktor Yushchenko ... Seen him shocked. Most recently, held in Lviv Book Fair - it was involved and Viktor Yushchenko. Gathered intellectuals, public venerable, respected. But we still were spot checks. And one of the decent men under the jacket found ... 8 skewers for kebabs bare. He says the market supposedly bought.

Well, like the President to make a gift ?!

- Does not look like. Typically, gifts, and even as sharp and just that purchased, even if wrapped in tissue paper. And these skewers were actually ready to use, but it is not clear what ... And one more fresh case. Before the meeting, Yushchenko`s Lviv University - the highest light, the elite, tuxedos - the visitors 2 gas pistols were found, 3 knife, 4 gas cans, electric shock machine. Too - as a gift, is it?

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