Alexander Zavaritskiy

Picture of Alexander Zavaritskiy

Date of Birth: 03/02/1884

Age: 68

Place of birth: Ufa

Citizenship: Russia

Geology of Ore Deposits

And petrographer`s Soviet geologist, academician of the USSR (1939). He graduated from the St. Petersburg Mining Institute (1909), a professor in 1921. In 1915-35 he worked at the Geological Committee (then - the All-Union Geological Institute, Director of the Institute of Geological Sciences of the USSR (1939-41), initiator and director of the Laboratory of Volcanology of the USSR (1944-52.. ), Academician-Secretary of the department of geological and geographical Sciences of the USSR (1946-49). Major works on theoretical petrography and geology of ore deposits.

Conducted research in the Urals (in the area of ??magnetic and Ilmen mountains, in Kazakhstan, in the Caucasus. He studied the extinct volcanoes of Armenia, an ancient volcanic Urals, Kamchatka volcanoes Kuril arc. Zavaritskii developed a geometric method for analyzing the composition of the rocks with the help of diagrams that demonstrate all . the main features of the chemistry of these studies laid the foundation for the development of Zavaritskii novoynauchnoy industry -. In a number of petrochemical highlighted the issue of the metamorphism of ore deposits and their host rocks.

For example, the Urals massive sulfide deposits deciphered some aspects of the complex process of metamorphic differentiation, t. E. The phenomena of redistribution and redeposition of material to form the ore-rich areas. Zavaritskii Advanced Universal - optical method minerals in thin sections studies created by ES Fedorov; introduced to this method, new coordinates to determine the orientation of the optical indicatrix anisotropic crystalline environments using five-axis universal stage. In the name of a mineral called Zavaritskii Zavaritskaya. USSR State Prize (1943, 1946) and the Lenin Prize (1958) for their participation in the collective work "The main problems in the study of magmatic ore deposits." Awarded 2 orders of Lenin.