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Three shots in the back of the rector SPbSUSE

The day after the murder September 5 Rector Alexander Viktorov at the St. Petersburg State University of Service and Economics continued employment. The state in which the employees reside and high school students, most correctly be called shock. So far no known name performing the duties of the rector, or the date of the farewell ceremony and the funeral - all will be solved when the law enforcement officers have completed the first stage of the investigation.

- Sorry, but investigators have imposed a ban on any comments. Classes are conducted in the normal mode, the candidacy of acting not yet approved - meets the spokesperson Anna SPbSUSE Krivova. - In the post offered rector for academic work, but the order in the Ministry of Education has not yet been signed. "

All employees of the university knew that Viktorova many detractors as any bright and influential leader of a large organization. After his arrival to the post of rector in 2008 the revenue part of the university has increased by 470 million rubles, passed a comprehensive repair of all buildings were laid off teachers, bribe-takers, have begun legal proceedings related to the appropriation of money the previous guidance of high school. The investigation has not yet voiced versions of the murder of reasons, but its customized nature of many indicate izvestnyev Currently details.

According to the Investigation Department of the Russian IC in the Leningrad region, the rector was attacked on September 5 about 19.00, when he came out of the official car in berry Vsevolozhsk Lane and his wife went to his house. As soon as the car pulled away, she ran to the spouses of the unknown and fired three shots from a pistol with a silencer in the back and head Alexander Viktorov. The fourth bullet wounded in the right thigh of his wife. Rector SPbSUSE died from his injuries on the spot, his wife was taken to hospital in Vsevolozhsk state of moderate severity.

The investigation of the criminal case under article "Murder" in the Investigation Department of the Leningrad region have taken under special control. After questioning the driver`s company car Viktorov, the witnesses and the wife of the rector was composed orientation tracing the gunman, who was admitted to the city`s police department - looking tall skinny man 30-32 years of European appearance and short blond hair. At the time of the murder he was wearing a dark sweater, similar to the form of emergency workers.

Investigators practiced several versions of the rector of the murder, including professional activities. The most scandal associated with it, broke out in 2008-2009, when Victoria took the case from the former head of the university Valeria Solovieva. Then it turned out that for several years, Solovyov and his aides "laundered" the money of students through dozens of front companies and managed to cause damage to the university in the amount of 1 billion 166 million rubles. In addition, in 2009, many graduates of these scams almost left without diplomas. So far, the university was able to prove only fraud in the amount of 142 million, stealing all the other money is only proven in the court of arbitration.

While there are investigative activities, Committee on Science and Higher Education, which from 2001 to 2008 headed Viktorov, does not give any official comments. In St. Petersburg Rectors` Council also preferred not to disclose his version of the causes of the incident, responding very emotionally.

- Alexander D. was not only my colleague but a friend and comrade, - told "Izvestiya" Chairman of the Board, the rector of ITMO Vladimir Vasiliev. - The head of the university - is a teacher with a capital letter, and the position of its purely peaceful. And if in the quiet time in broad daylight at close range killed a man, then it is a challenge not only to all the inhabitants of St. Petersburg, but also throughout the country. The reasons I do not know what happened, but the Council of Rectors is already preparing an appeal to the law enforcement authorities with a request to inform us about hoderassledovaniya. Alexander Viktorov was a man with an impeccable professional, civil and human reputation. I saw him the day before yesterday, he was in a good mood, talking about his plans. His departure, of course, affect the work of the university - when leaving the leader, change is inevitable.

His opinion about what happened with the "Izvestia" shared and Marina Shishkina, a deputy of the Legislative Assembly, member of the Commission for Education, Culture and Science.

- We have long been familiar, I really appreciated Alexander Dmitrievich. In June 2012, he, together with the whole team did a presentation on the work of the university in the Legislative Assembly. It was clear how much does he headed the institution for the formation of clusters in St. Petersburg in the service sector and tourism.

Viktorov was generally very active person. Classic professor, a man of science and education, funny and joyful people. Bright personality. What happened - a huge tragedy, all of us fell down in shock.

universities often associated with the name of the rector, many of the university called the University Viktorov. Shoot the rector as a physician, and teacher - the last thing. I do not understand.

The university and the city to lose much of this loss. There is in fact irreplaceable people, because it can be replaced by a person to the position, but finding an adequate person - is impossible.