Alexander Vasiliev

Picture of Alexander Vasiliev

Date of Birth: 09/06/1868

Age: 49

Citizenship: Russia


Vasiliev about. Alexander Petrovich (6.09.1868- 23.08 [5.09] .1918), prot., Confessor of the Royal Family, the public figure, member of the Grand Chamber of the Union of Russian People`s them. Archangel Michael (RNSMA).

Born in the village. Shepotovo Smolensk Province. in a peasant family, soon became an orphan. It has been adopted by the famous Russian pedagogue SA Rachinsky in organized them Tatev School. Raczynski then determine the future priest first in Velsk control, then in Bethany DC, and finally to St. Petersburg YES, from which he graduated in 1893, candidate of theology. More on the 4 th year July 19, 1892 ordained a priest and appointed Yam-Izhora near St. Petersburg. Then he became rector of the church at the Holy Cross community of the Red Cross, where he served 18 years, also served as an observer of the diocesan church schools. Zakonouchitelstvoval than acquired great fame in the capital. Since 1910 began to teach the law of God the king`s children. Since 1913 archpriest, the first rector of the Sovereign Feodorovsky Soborav Tsarskoye Selo. In 1914 he was appointed an elder of the Cathedral of the Savior Holy Face of the Winter Palace, became the spiritual director of the Royal Family.

He took part in the right-monarchist movement, and in 1910 was elected a member of the Grand Chamber RNSMA. I was present at the opening meeting of the Petrograd (monarchists meeting 21-23 November 1915 in St. Petersburg). Active participant temperance movement, which bore a pronounced patriotic character. He was the enemy GE Rasputin, because of what for him suspicious of AA Vyrubova. The moral of the appearance. Alexander is best characterized by the following fact. In September. In 1916 his beloved son, an officer of the Pavlovsky regiment, was killed at the front. Empress Alexandra Feodorovna of sympathy for the grief his father offered to transfer to the rear of the combat units other sons, but about. Alexander refused.

He served farewell prayer service in the administration of the Royal Martyrs in Siberian exile. August 29, 1918 arrested, shot in Petrograd at the beginning of the "red terror".