Alexander Vasilchikov

Picture of Alexander Vasilchikov

Age: 67

Citizenship: Russia


It belonged to the ancient noble and princely family. Son Seeds G. Vasilchikova Bogdanovna and Maria, nee Yulia Zhadovskaya. Cornet of the Life Guards regiment (from 19/04/1765). In the spring and summer of 1772 he was often on guard duty at Tsarskoye Selo, which attracted the attention of the Empress, and soon received a gold snuff-box "for the content of guards." This was followed by a number of gifts and promotions. 1.8. 1772 granted to the gentleman of the bedchamber, and then (2 September) in the chamberlain. The palace took the room in which he lived GG Orlov, the fear of a sudden return of former favorite for the door of his room was set guard. Such changes have not gone unnoticed in the highest circles, and the servants. "The waiters and maids of the Empress were concerned and unhappy, because he loved Orlov and patronized them," wrote the German Ambassador, what Frederick II encouraged him to "curry favor with the new pet friendship." Vasilchikov relatively little use of his elevation. Catherine praised his moderation and she rewarded: he was given 100 thousand rubles, jewelry by 50 thousand, 7 thousand serfs..... On Palace Square, the house was bought for him Glazov, but the home decoration has not been completed by the time Vasilchikov retired from the court; the house was bought in his coffers for 10 thousand. rubles .. 03/01/1774 General appointed adyutantombyl GA Potemkin. "Vasilchikov, abilities that were too limited to gain influence in the affairs of sovereign and trust, is now replaced by a person having all the makings to get hold of one and the other," wrote Sir R. Guning 03/04/1773. In retirement, richly awarded (Vasilchikov received a pension of 20 thousand. Rub., 50 th. To house the device in Moscow and others.), He lived in Moscow. Collected Western European painting and sculpture.