Alexander Valter

Picture of Alexander Valter

Date of Birth: 05/20/1898

Age: 43

Place of birth: Tsarskoye Selo

Citizenship: Russia


Walter Alexander Filippovich (8 (20) in May 1898, Tsarskoye Selo Petersburg lips -. Not earlier than 9 October 1941, Lake Ladoga?) - A physicist, an expert on dielectrics. Corresponding Member in the Department of Mathematical and Natural Sciences (Physics) from February 1, 1933. Since 1936 the director of the Research Laboratory of materials separated from the Leningrad Physico-Technical Institute.

Major works are devoted to the physics of dielectrics. He studied the electrical conductivity of the sample and solid dielectrics, the electric conductivity of glass and rock salt in strong fields, dielectric losses in dielectrics that contain polar molecules. He discovered that the liquid containing solid and liquid impurities and dissolved gas, the breakdown voltage depends on the pressure and time, and for the low-boiling organic liquids - from temperature and found the dependence of the breakdown narpyazheniya and resistivity versus temperature for rock salt, glass and porcelain. The temperature dependence of e on tgd, indicating the nature of the electrical dipole losses.

Arrested on 4 September 1941 as a person of German nationality (under Art. 58 1a, suspicion of espionage), October 8, 1941 convoyed from Leningrad to Siberia "for the further conduct of the investigation and detention," but the road was killed in a heavy-duty transport of prisoners in the hold of a barge. The circumstances and the time of Walter`s death in exactly unknown. From step 2500 people. to Tomsk reached only in 1748, and the rest were killed with approx. 700 died in the hold of a barge on the criminals hands, lack of food and water. Some of the corpses were thrown overboard, others were overwhelmed by the river barges and buried in a common grave on the banks of the river between the villages Syas Sudeme and Podryabine. Another part of the people died on the transport by rail. So just on the way from Omsk to Tomsk died 56 persons, 12 of them political. Resolution of the KGB LOT of May 17, 1955 a criminal case on his charges dismissed for lack of evidence. Rehabilitated in 1955.