Alexander Vahmistorov

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Date of birth: 17.04.1954

Age: 62

Place of birth: Stavropol

Citizenship: Russia

sergeant Alexander: I have nothing to inherit

I am - not a dreamer

- According to official reports, in the construction industry we have everything in order. But as soon as the new governor came to Smolny, then it was decided to divide the profile posts of vice-governor and the head of the Construction Committee. Once your system looks good, why to reform it?

- Each time period - its approach. Today and in the country, and the city came stability, it is time to look to the future. I think it was on the basis of this approach was chosen with the division of the current and strategic work. This, of course, does not mean that the vice-governor now sits alone in the office and wants, what would he do such a thing. The current work is still very much: it is and coordination committees, and conducting all sorts of commissions ... But the main task - namely understanding and development prospects for the development of an industry. We are developing a new master plan of St. Petersburg, have a more sensible approach to the systematization of all aspects of urban development. Here on this, probably, and the job is based occurred "gap". Besides, he touched not only me, it affected everyone. We have also previously been Vice-Governor - Chairman of the Finance Committee, the economy and so on.

- Your remit in the new government overlaps with the competence of Mr. Molchanov. It was possible to establish cooperation?

- I believe that the interaction of lined up, despite the fact that the investment committee is just beginning its work. Yes, in the city of so many problems, that the issues of real estate development will be enough for 10 committees! Another thing is that the functions should not be duplicated. Therefore, we agreed about the following. There is adopted development programs approved by the government. Their implementation controls Construction Committee. The development of new projects of a strategic nature (maybe it sounds loud, but the same draft of the second stage of the Mariinsky Theatre - is a strategic project for the city) is engaged in the Investment Committee. But realized they still leave here in komstroy.

It is difficult to hold in one hand and the preparation and implementation - in this case, it seems to me, it reached the normal understanding. Just do not need anything from each other intercept - but we have no such thing, of course, is no. With Yuri Vyacheslavovich Molchanov we met in 1988, we have associated with him 15 years of normal human relationships. Here, everything is in place.

- To guide the construction committee had come from one particular firm, headed by the son of Mr. Molchanov. You talked about the fact that every time - its own policy. Now our policy is this?

- Well, firstly, there is no company in the Construction Committee has not come. chairman of the committee has been appointed, who had previously worked in that company you have in mind - in the LSR group. Naturally, each person who comes to work, he wanted to assemble his team. but from what he has to take his people - therefore, in agreement with me, to work the first deputy chairman of the same company was accepted? If this is a large group, why not take the device out of managers to work? If we come from the Minister of Communications TCP, what now - TCP to close? Head of the Investment Department was also appointed representative of LSR Group. No other parishes of this company in the Committee is not expected, it is not talking about no power to merge with the business or the potential of corruption - we will track it. No preference LSR Group will not be created.

We`ve never had a policy aimed at the monopolization of the industry. For all the criticism, which I often subjected, statistics is as follows: we took 953 decisions on the conduct of survey, design and construction works in 2002 at the ITC. Permits received 457 companies. If we had the monopoly policy, the picture was bysovershenno other. Therefore, I do not see any problems.

Another thing: there is criticism on the style of behavior of these three figures. But this, I think, a matter of time. Of course, human behavior, and human behavior officer businessman may external costs. But the official should behave respectfully towards others. I have to communicate with many people, but even if the character I intuitively do not like or I know that he is - a bad person - I can not tell him about it. That`s my job: to see him, to listen, to answer, to sign or not sign the paper. But the negative answer must be correct. Therefore, criticism style of behavior are possible, but they - the young guys, and of course, time will cure them. However, we will not wait, we are corrected.

- It is no secret the fact exacerbated confrontation between the two urban construction companies: one, thrived under the previous leadership of St. Petersburg ( "Soyuzpetrostroy"), and second, to increase under the new ( "stewards of the Association").

- In the first place, and she and the other associations have always been. And besides, we must not forget that we have a Union of construction associations and organizations, which includes all the associations - in 1800 he had both direct and associate members. I as the President heads the Union and grateful to the people who supported my candidacy.

Second, no confrontation, in my opinion, no - there are different approaches. Back in 2000-2003, when was the peak of the work "Soyuzpetrostroya". Also in 2000, I came to work in the administration of the post of Vice-Governor - Chairman of the Committee. Vladimir A. Yakovlev put in front of me one main task: all methods to intensify the development of construction in the city. That is the task we are "Soyuzpetrostroem" and decided to work very well in terms of the various types of conferences, contests.

Today, it is time to come to systematize, we no longer need numerous conferences about the problems of investment-building complex. We know them. Now you need to think about how to address these issues. And, from this point of view, I stepped forward Association of Home Builders. She came at me with a proposal: knowing all the questions that helped put "Soyuzpetrostroy" stewards of the Association is ready to render assistance to the administration in the development of regulations. Moreover, since it is needed throughout the business community, it is ready to part - together with us - it is financed. I gladly agreed to cooperate. Moreover, its representatives said they do not intend to violate the established order and are still the only one of the cells of the Union of construction companies.

So here - artificial conflict, maybe some personal grievance. I have great respect for Vladimir Mikhailovich Golmanu and Lev Moiseevich Kaplan, but maybe it somewhat insulting that people twice (or even more than half) under, and are starting to become equal. But Andrei Molchanov Yu, and other respects, and to Vladimir Mikhailovich, and to Leo Moiseevich. Here, there is something of a conflict between fathers and children. Turgenev already described.

Money developers we will work

- One of the most controversial decisions of the new building policy is considered to increase the fees charged to developers for infrastructure to $ 80. It is clear that this artificial plank: for a square meter in the center and, say, on the same pr. Veterans may simply not be the same .

- The government`s decision laid "large value" - or pay station on the basis of the market valuation of the land, or for $ 80. We have already and now there are instances when we provide spots for development at $ 150 per square meter. At the last meeting of the CLC we figured the numbers: $ 82, $ 86 - we have them at such a price and gave. And here is where it turns out $ 40, $ 50, $ 57, - we raise the bar to $ 80 (except for three areas: Kolpino, Kronstadt and Pavlovsk).

Why do we do it? For two reasons. First, housing prices rose. We do not consider other people`s money in their pockets, but it is obvious that all large profit comes from developers. However, it`s not that we want to raise prices, or "fill" the budget. Most importantly, it decided that all proceeds from this collection will go through the infrastructure fund for land development. This will give developers confidence in the future. That is, today you pay the money, but the money we are willing to work - through the development of new territories. Today, we are actively engaged in South-West (which is 2.5 million square meters of housing..), The North part of the Seaside (where previously was a dump, is now localized) - this, in turn, is approximately 1.5 million. sq. meters.

- Is there any guarantee that the figure will not increase after two months, say to $ 150?

- In the same decree of the Government Committee for Construction obliged to monitor and make proposals periodically. I do not want to anticipate events, but I think that the $ 80 - a temporary measure. This means only one thing: the bar discussed ultimately more or less well defined than by some calculations in accordance with the procedures, law and so on, and when it will begin mass sale. And then just at the statistics, we can move away from these $ 80.

- Offended developers set out the next version: the reform will lead to an increase in the cost per square meter, the price will be equal in St. Petersburg with Moscow, local builders will not be able to work in such a market, and it will capture the Muscovites. Your comment?

- Let`s split the question into two parts. First, the price on the market. If we increased the collection of funds for the infrastructure of the new building, then why prices rose in the secondary market, in houses built in the XIX century? Is that - related to each other are the facts? It has nothing to do. Prices are determined by the market, not only the actions of the administration.

Today apartments are sold on the market at cost, and at that price, which is determined by supply and demand. Although in 2003 the volume of supply in the city has increased by 30% compared to the previous year (which is a very large growth rate), prices rose by about 40%. That is, we still have a pent-up demand. Therefore, only one way you can bring down the price - increasing the offer. In this case at least $ 180 Appoint charges for infrastructure - at the price it is not directly affected. All the arguments about it - just a little attempts of some developers to throw mud at the administration. Once again I say: prices are rising even on an apartment in the Khrushchev. How does this relate to the contributions to the infrastructure?

The second point - come from Moscow. Let`s see - what Muscovites? Residents of Moscow move to St. Petersburg? Welcome, but this is unlikely. Moscow builders will come? It is a complete nonsense. At the end of December in Moscow, I met with Resin. And he told me two months ago a special trip to Belarus by Lukashenka, to solve the question of sending in Moscow 4 thousand masons from Belarus. Once Resin goes and asks other people, then assume that the Moscow builders will release to us - in my opinion, nonsense. The third option: to come to us Moscow architects. So what? That is, it turns out: the people do not come, do not come builders, architects - if they come, then, please, do not come - do not come.

Who comes to us? Moscow DSK? Is he - is here for us to carry the panel by rail? In addition, the Moscow construction complex, and so is working at maximum capacity. Moscow can come money. Is that bad? It is very good. And if it will not be in Moscow, Vologda and Arkhangelsk and the money that we have, they will be cut off? It`s an investment!

It also launched this duck-here, Muscovites will come and buy up our house. Why do they buy it? If resale, we`re back to the first question: the price determined by the market.

The business will not come back

- You are in the public service since 1994. Not tired yet?

- The issue is complex. And it`s not that I do not want him to answer honestly. For a long time I have been actively engaged in business, led by the largest city in the joint venture and, in general, was satisfied with his life, his financial situation. But I was invited to work in the administration. I went, because I know very well this business, I know construction inside. I now work easily, because when the office comes to a particular businessman, I can see right through him, know that he will tell me, I expect his tricks. So with me slukavit quite difficult.

But constantly be official impossible. When will my job bureaucrat? In two cases: either when I do not get tired and opostyleet and I have to drive myself to work; or else when I was asked to write a statement - then I will, of course, write without problems.

Of course, there is a thought: Do not go back into the business? But I think it will not come back. I think that will be my next path of science. Still, the work here in the administration, brought me extra benefits. I am pleased engaged in management theory. In 2000, even before he became vice-governor, he defended his thesis, and, more recently, in October - a doctorate. I do not know whether it`s university or one of the specialized institutions dealing with control systems. Fate may order in its own way.

- I think my question is clear subtext: observers have called one of the two vice-governors, are in a new Smolny "heirs" of the old management team. As a consequence - the talk about the probability of your imminent resignation.

- Speaking about the construction, I think that we are all in this regard heirs. When Valentina went to the polls, the building complex has her full support, and we did it quite openly. For the simple reason that she Valentina said, today the building complex is one of the leading city in this area is done very much. I would not like to use the word "heir", "is not an heir." I have nothing to inherit, except work.

The first month of office of the Governor held meetings almost daily, detours on the construction. Look of the day agenda of government meetings: the first time they were 100% dedicated to building issues. So here I am not the heir: the new governor puts the same problem, only encourages the approach to the issues in a more systematic, with a great look in the future. Since it is convenient to work with. All administration now pays the construction of even more attention - and this is not some kind of legacy, that`s life.

It is no accident builders is the slogan: "If the city is built, means that the city lives." I think that any governor - and after 10 years and 20 years - will it to manifest. Take Luzhkov: his main achievement - building. For what praise Novgorod? For attraction of investments. Where? In construction, in new factories. Let`s look at Serdyukov. The proud governor of Leningrad region? Construction site! BPS, the plant in Vsevolozhsk, Henkel plant, the port of Vysotsk, Ust-Luga port. And I am very glad that Valentina from the very first days of their pay most careful attention.

Even the more you say, the day of the inauguration of the governor, between the ceremony and reception in Sachsen in the Tauride Palace, the only ones able to take Valentina, was the mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov and me. Not with congratulations - they have already been made. We were in her office, and again spoke about the construction site. In this regard, the Governor is the driving force behind the development of the city.