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Date of Birth: 01/31/1939

Age: 73

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


The winner of the main prize of "Golden Sail" International Film Festival of Russian films in San Rafael (1993)

Winner of the prize "Unfading spectator love" (Festival "Vivat, Cinema of Russia!") (2003)

Commander of the Order "For the good deed" (2005)

Homeland. Rhode. Parents

Aleksandr Porokhovshchikov born on January 31, 1939 in Moscow. Rhode Porohovschikova left an imprint on Russian history. Great-grandfather of Alexander Porohovschikova - Alexander, gentleman, industrialist, philanthropist, builder and owner of the "Slavonic Bazaar", a member of the construction of the temple of Christ the Savior as an architect and investor funds in its construction. Santa - also Alexander Porokhovshchikov - the inventor of the first tank in the world, and all-terrain vehicle, since 1917 - a major aircraft, led by KB. In 1941 he was arrested by the standard charges of espionage and executed. After 15 years, fully rehabilitated.

Soon after the arrest of his grandfather, when Alexander was two years old, his father left the family - Shalva Barabadze budding surgeon. Father replaced the boy`s stepfather Mikhail Dudin - military architect, who came into the family Porohovschikova in the most difficult moment, for which Alexander was later very grateful to him. From Moscow in 1946 Porohovschikova-Dudin family moved to Magnitogorsk, where his stepfather was appointed chief architect. At the insistence of his mother, Sasha became Porokhovshchikov Dudin (name of his grandfather, Alexander took Shalvovich already an adult - he wanted to, neither more nor less, return to this good name to its former glory).

In the family, where he grew up Sasha Porokhovshchikov, ownership and origin never raised. Just looking at pictures from the family album, which left very little, he tried to inquire with my grandmother and my mother, who is in them. And every time the answer was either very rough or "grow up - you learn." It is dangerous to be transferred to innocent boy detailed information about the origin of the family, about the merits of his great-grandfather and grandfather. After all, they are well remembered the night he was arrested and then shot his grandfather ...

The truth about their ancestors Shalvovich Alexander managed to learn only many years later, when the opportunity to gain access to archival documents: "I managed to find a lot of new and interesting things about Porohovschikova kind. I found the descendants of our race in Paris, England and even in Indonesia. It turns out that one of the related branches including my ancestors composer Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky, and the line of Patriarch Alexy I Simansky relatives our Patriarch Alexy II. "

As a child, Sasha Porokhovshchikov wanted to be a traveler. I looked at a map and try to grandmother: that of the line? She explained: this border. "What could be the border?" - Thought the boy. A grandmother as if hearing his thoughts, saying: "Remember, Shura, once and for all: the whole world - yours! No you can not take it, neither the Central Committee nor the Cheka. You can destroy, disable cross borders, but it will be violence. Well, people have invented borders. I believe that mankind will understand that borders do not need, and everyone is going to live where he wants. But the Creator gave you a Russian citizen. " This Porokhovshchikov never forgot - about Russia, he says, only with pride and love: "I realize there is no one stronger than Russia in the world. She`s like an elephant whose foot was ill, and he fell to one knee, and right around the mongrel zatyavkali. It hurts when our profession are beginning to lick foreign actors. Even Alain Delon, once arrived in Moscow was not alone: ??fussed around him obsequious officials, and sat next to anyone you do not notice Smoktunovskij. Russian actors - the greatest. "

Childhood aristocrat

In childhood, Alexander was left to himself, and his education is mainly engaged in the street. Here is a case of childhood, he recalls: "In the 8 years with me there was a terrible event. The older kids went to rob gorteatr. And me, small fry, we put down to ride. And then a round ice cream was sold, which I adored. I bought this little thing, standing on the lookout, enjoy ... And suddenly - whistles. I get such a kick that I was losing consciousness. Well, anyway, I missed the ... And in the morning came some uncle took me and took on the 13th site. A Precinct 13 - this is the place where poured from all over the city muck. There`s a train went over the embankment, stopped and overturned bucket. A pipe under the embankment, and as the earth settled, the pipe has no water does not leak.

And one said to me: "polezesh there - you will live." Such a punishment invented means. Well, I climbed. Two meters climbed. Horrible smell a dead mouse. Back already impossible to move. I began to sweat with terror, and seemed to swell. And at that moment I shouted: "Mother!". On the side of the kids were busy, they heard and invited the workers to close anything repaired. They boy entangled ropes, they let down the pipe, threw me to the loop and pulled me like a cork from a bottle. The first second I was blinded. Shock! A left ear, and I do not hear, and then the right, and all died out ... "

From the school of the future "Russian Brando" bring some "two" and "three", interspersed with constant complaints of teachers on bad behavior. Mother asked to take urgent measures, but all attempts to "even out" the son by Soviet standards invariably ended in failure: one day she took Sasha to a private music teacher, but after a few lessons the boy escaped, Explain to the mother that the teacher before class abused garlic, and endure it there was no way.

After Stalin`s death in 1953. Dudin-Porohovschikova moved to Chelyabinsk: his father was appointed chief architect of the area. At first the family lived in the country near Lake Smolino. At this time Alexander made friends with her stepfather and long periods spent time with him: "We used to Misha (as I called her stepfather) on the boat sail away, and if starts to storm, Galia (ie mother) rushed into the water and swam for us ".

In Chelyabinsk Porokhovshchikov graduated from high school for young workers, often skipping classes because of fights and gulyanok noisy yard of "fighter was terrible! I grew up in the street. A fight then all were the norm. However, there was an unwritten law of honor: do not hit a lying, do not fight to the death. And after the slaughter opponents sat quietly, drinking, talking. If someone fall in love with a girl of easy virtue (Baruch), he did not allow her to say bad words. A loving couple went for a walk, and behind them - the crowd "guards". I remember while the happiest in my life. "

Looking for calling

After leaving school in 1957, the long-haired Alexander Porokhovshchikov entered the Chelyabinsk Medical Institute, where he and his friends immediately created a jazz band. In addition, Alexander continued his studies in boxing - he predicted a brilliant career. However, practicing medicine - namely surgery, and organic chemistry - soon captivated Porohovschikova truly: "When preparing for the exam in anatomy, all the while eating buns. At the doctor`s, I think, a special psychology. He is always on the threshold of life and death. It has not hurt that touches ordinary people. Of the subjects most loved organic chemistry. I am pleased to have experimented on frogs. I have them at home the whole bath was. No frog is not dead, for which I set myself five plus. Surgery is madly in love. "

With Meanwhile Alexander Shalvovich relate fond memories: "I remember that was on duty in hospitals ... Jokes old ladies talking. They laughed that one out of the dropper with a bed fell. I barely had time to catch her, and we along with it a duck crashed. Thank God, remained alive, then discharged. I laugh all unconscious ... very flattered when patients call me doctor. Old woman at a meeting smiling, patted on the head. The feeling was amazing. It`s so cool when you help someone, when a person`s eyes start to shine, there is hope. "

The experience gained over two years of study in medical, proved invaluable in the future: "I always try to help people if I can. And this quality, in my opinion, remains in me from contact with the medicine. From my perspective, the medical profession and the actor is very similar. Art, too, treats. And he has also its contraindications. How, for example, paintings and performances, when people relish the most vile. After all, as soon as all draw attention to themselves? Mark and expose you. But in real life, and the opposite in the art. All go naked ... ".

Medical education Porohovschikova later helped in the acting profession - even from his student years he was known for certain how to feel old and drunk, known physiology of the border states, the physical sensation of old age, the smell of decay and despair: "How to play your old age? Some start to cough, "Cough, cough, cough ...". And the old man - it`s slow movements. It saves power, which he has so little. Walks, barely moving his feet, shuffling gait. Look at the old men: they are all the time thinking. In the eyes - an eternity, like a turtle Tortilla, who lived three hundred years. If young people are very emotional in their reactions, the elderly simply state. They`re so wise, do not spend themselves in vain. "

Alexander Shalvovich believes the medical profession of the divine, and now even a little sorry that at the time did not continue training. But while the young man twenty years it seems that doctors are doomed to inconspicuous existence and sacrificial service to others, and it attracted fame, success and recognition - would restore the once high-profile name Porohovschikova. And in music, and in boxing Porokhovshchikov achieved great success, but his ambitions were connected only with the theater scene.

In 1960 - almost twenty years later - Porohovschikova returned to Moscow. Since Alexander`s mother had once studied at GITIS, she was able to arrange his son-prop furniture makers in the Theatre. Vakhtangov. And now, in 1960 - 1961 gg. He learns from the training courses theater actors at the WTO, and in 1962 goes to the evening department Pike. Why the evening? Just at the entrance exam applicant Porokhovshchikov fight with a fireman who soiled his perfectly clean starched shirt. Since then, the meaning of life became Porohovschikova Alexander Theatre. In his own words, at the time in Pike studied two comic book - on a daily Alexander Kalyagin (also a doctor on the first formation, by the way), in the evening - he Porokhovshchikov. That is why after graduating from college in 1966, he was invited to the theater of Satire as a Distinguishing comedian.

Debuts Master

Alexander Porohovschikova debut in the Theater of Satire became Belogubov role in the play "A Profitable Post" by Ostrovsky staged by Mikhail Zakharov. In this production partners debutant actor became a rising star of the Soviet cinema - Andrei Mironov and Anatoly Papanov and legends of the theater scene - Tatiana Peltzer and George Menglet. Initially intended Porohovschikova main role - Zhadova, but played it Mironov. This replacement provoke a very hot-tempered actor Porokhovshchikov and thought, "Well, wait, I`ll give you!". And in fact, "outstanding", and how! Role Belogubov immediately became legendary Moscow theater, and behind the scenes to the debutant with praise coming luminaries Erast Garin and Michael Yanshin. However, Porokhovshchikov not attributed the phenomenal success of the play only to his talent: "It was not just me, but also Mironov, and Zakharov directing. He`s just put the story about these silent men in identical suits, which name - the officials. And they are the ones recognized in the heroes of classical pieces themselves. Khrushchev`s thaw has long ended. And all sorts of ideological deviations caused suspicion. We played "A Profitable Post" a little more than ten times. The play closed. " The play closed, but the glory of the young, amazingly talented actor diverged in Moscow, like ripples from a pebble in the water.

This was followed by the play "The Banquet" Grigory Gorin and Arcadia Arkanov. Chairman of the District Executive Committee in the performance of Porohovschikova ostrosatiricheskoy turned out so that the principal director Valentin Pluchek said: "If we leave it that way, then the play will be closed." And of the 30 pages of text he left Porohovschikova one: "I am worried to tears and said that he will not play at all. The performance played by another actor, and failed. " "Banquet" was closed after the "A Profitable Post". As is known, integrity and youth - not the best combination for an actor, so for a long time Porokhovshchikov appeared on stage Satire Theater just in the crowd. When Pluchek asked why, he replied: "Porokhovshchikov an actor, I have no role for him." The play "Ordinary Miracle" on the play by E. Schwartz, in which Alexander Shalvovich rehearsed Minister administrator and invented later became the catch phrase of "wings - byak, byak, byak, byak" on the scene and has not appeared. When Porokhovshchikov said that he was leaving, Pluchek skeptically asked, "Do you think that somewhere better to find?". This is only reinforced this decision. Porokhovshchikov left and actually was on the street.

There was a painful time searches. However, he was invited to the theater Mossovet Yuri Zavadsky, but the theater management demanded that the actor has passed a corresponding examination on the scene, so to speak, proved to all his "creative consistency," to which Porokhovshchikov answered with a resounding "no." Here is what says Alexander Shalvovich about "Time of Troubles": "Lying at home on the couch, staring at the ceiling. And the faithful "friend" of the actor - alcohol - was always at hand. "

This dramatic idyll violated the call of the Taganka Theater, "you want to see Yuri Lyubimov." Porohovschikova happening seemed not just salvation, but the implementation of some vague dream, because waking dream of such would be a frenzy: "I came to Lyubimov. He sent me to see a play. There was his legendary production of "The Dawns Here Are Quiet". My throat caught by this performance. He returned to the office to Lyubimov. He asks: "Do you want to work with me?" Of course, I agreed. "Come - Make out", - said Yuri Petrovich. " So without any auditions, interviews and examinations of aptitude Porokhovshchikov appeared in the legendary Taganka Theatre ... It is in 1971.

By the time behind Porohovschikova have been working in several films. The debut of the actor in the movie took place in 1967 - in the movie "Search", he played a small role of the architect. Followed by roles in the films "Crash" (1968, dir. Chebotarev), "Shine, shine, my star" (1969, dir. A. Mitta) "Polynin Case" (1970, dir. Andrei Sakharov) "Calm day at the end of the war" (1970, dir. N. Mikhalkov). Even then, for Porohovschikova entrenched image of a strong, courageous man with a tragic fate. As a rule, it was a man "of the enemy camp" - a bit too did not fit his innate gentility and calm confidence in the framework of the country and the time, so the actor is increasingly battered role Whites, Germans and other "enemies of the people."

Meanwhile, the first major film role was held in 1973 - a detective Villena Novak`s "Ring", where Porokhovshchikov played a former boxing champion, now a police major Isayev. As later admitted Alexander Shalvovich in the picture had a lot of autobiographical material of the film is largely coincided with the memories of his youth. A year later saw the release of NS Mikhalkov`s "At Home Among Strangers," where Porokhovshchikov played one of his best roles - chairman gubChK Kungurova: "I am grateful to Nikita Mikhalkov for what he has entrusted to me the role. After all, my hero - is not kondovy Communist and Chekist. And if you remember, there were scenes when they are doubted that did. Those people truly believe in the idea. Yes, it did not take place, but people believed, because it is impossible to live without faith. So when hayut the time, I do not always agree. Yes, at that time it had a lot of trouble, but there was a lot of interesting and good. "

Applause, applause

After prominent roles in the "Ring" and "His home among strangers ..." from the film offers in Porohovschikova there was no release. Even though the actor has not accepted all the suggestions, it happened, that for a year he had to work in three-four films. Over the five years, he starred in the film 21 `Jaroslav Dombrowski "(1975, directed by B. Poreba.)," The Captivating Star of Happiness "(1975, directed by Vladimir Motyl.)," Captain Nemo "(1975, directed by V.. Levin), "Diamonds for the dictatorship of the proletariat" (1975, dir. B. Kromanov), "fiery childhood" (1976, dir. J. Shvyrev), "you wrote to me ..." (1976, dir. A. Manasarova), " Talent "(1977)," And you will see the sky "(1978)," Seek the wind "(1978, dir. B. Lyubomudrov)," Special will not "(1978, dir. A. Bobrowski)," Let`s talk, brother. .. "(1978, dir. J. Grigoriev)" Strategy risk "(1978)," The man who was lucky "(1978, dir. K. Ershov)," The city has taken "(1979, dir. B. Maksakov) "Good deal" (1979), "not Leave Your Lovers" (1979, dir. P. Arsenov), "Family circle" (1980), "Blow the whistle Twice in the fog" (1980, dir. V. Rodchenko) "The collapse of the" operation Terror "

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