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Date of Birth: 07/23/1946

Age: 49

Place of birth: Rostov-on-Don

Citizenship: Russia

Bk. Star of the tragedy: the puzzle of fate and death. S.338-341

Author: Fedor Ra`zac

Website: Celebrities

Alexander Kajdanovsky born July 23, 1946 in Rostov-on-Don. 8 After finishing high school, he entered the welding Dnepropetrovsk College of Boris Paton. However, in 1961, he had gone out and was accepted in the Rostov Art College. In 1965 he came to Moscow and successfully passed examinations in the Shchukin Theater School name. About how he was during his student days, said L. Filatov:

"We were friends with him Although it was a difficult friendship, and the man he was hard, but I admired him, looking from the bottom up Kajdanovsky man was incredible -.. He could masterfully swear, chat on gangster jargon, and could all night to talk to you about literature, about the things that are not aware of any one person ... his fearlessness was something inexplicable: once, in the fourth year Shchukin, the four of us - he Galkin, Kachan and I - came back at night through Maryina grove surrounding. Riga us landed six of them had knives ... In principle, we could have four of them had covered, but against the knife - I do not know what would have happened Kajdanovsky came to the one who first took out a knife and his bare hand took hold of the blade.. Just came from. Blood gushes, and he keeps. and that was something in his face that they folded ... "

Kaidanovsky debut in the movie took place in the second year the school - in the film "Mystic Wall" (1967) he played a cameo role of a young researcher. Followed by roles in the films "Anna Karenina" (1967, Jules Landau), "First Love" (1968).

After finishing school in 1969, Kajdanovsky was in the company of Vakhtangov Theater. The invitation to play there was no accident - the young actor tipped for the role of Prince Myshkin in "The Idiot." However, to play it, he had not had a chance. As it turned out, the first performer of the role of the famous actor Nikolai Gritsenko nobody was going to give her, and hardly knowing that some former students claim to her, did everything in his power to prevent this from happen. They say that even Gritsenko patient get out of bed and went to the theater - but would not give the role to another. And Kaidanovskaya had to play the role of "Bon appetit." This lasted until 1972.

A. Kajdanovsky recalled: "Vakhtangov" Corporation "poisoned my love of theater life: the internal relations in the theater is always built on the principles of kakih-to disgusting, the fact that one has to humiliate others. I am a person, in fact, free, I do not I would like someone or to humiliate or be humiliated. Therefore, from the theater, I walked away. How? What makes an actor when he was not allowed to play? He drinks. And a couple of times I drank so thoroughly that I hurried to get rid of. "

As later recalled the actor, in those days, many people thought that he was a lost man: kicked out of the theater, there was no money, he served as a living space basement. A. recalls Adabashyan:

"It was a terrible room on the ground floor, like the former janitor It was below ground level:. A tiny kitchen with a slanted ceiling, the ceiling forms a staircase, and in the part where the staircase is stuck to the floor, there was a bit of a closet he his. gladly opened, showing - the floor is rotten, it carried Pogrebnoy damp down standing water - and very funny described the home as an apartment in the spirit of Dostoevsky and right there was a stroller with the child and any heater ... "(in the first marriage. in Kaidanovsky daughter Daria ..)

In those days, no one believed in Kaidanovsky. Mikhail Ulyanov even advised him to go back to Rostov and try to arrange their own destiny there. But the young actor went his own way - in 1973, he joined the army.

The place of his life became a cavalry regiment at the "Mosfilm". That`s when he played his first starring role - Lieutenant Lemke in Nikita Mikhalkov`s film "At Home Among Strangers".

Life Kaidanovsky was formed under the laws of artistic medium. Among the women he loved, he was mostly actresses: Valentina Malyavina first, then Evgenia Simonova. Married to the last born the daughter Zoe.

By the end of the 70 Kajdanovsky it was already well-known actor of the Soviet cinema. He has had roles in the films: "Diamonds for the dictatorship of the proletariat," "The Lost Expedition" (both - 1975), the "Golden River" (1976) and others.

In 1980, on the screens of the country it was a film Tarkovsky "Stalker" by A. Kaidanovskii starring.

In the early `80s Kajdanovsky entered the Advanced Directing Courses in A. Tarkovsky. However, their union did not last long: soon the famous director ever left home. When he was sent to Moscow Kaidanovskaya invitation to play in "Nostalgia", the actor did not release him.

Kaidanovsky diploma work was the film "Easy Death" (1985). At the festival in Malaga (Spain) in 1988, he was awarded one of the prizes. By the end of the decade Kajdanovsky made two more films: "Guest" (1987), "The wife Kerosene" (1988).

At the same time Kajdanovsky went on to star in the movie, "Horeb and Gogi" (1987), "New Adventures of a Yankee in King Arthur`s Court," "Ten Little Indians" (both - 1988), "November" (Poland, France), "Breath the devil "(Spain, both - 1992)," Der Freischutz "(Hungary)," Confessions of a stranger "(France, both - 1993).

The last 13 years Kajdanovsky lived in a communal flat in the street with a cat Thieves Nosferatu and mongrel Zina. Somewhere in the middle of 1995, his life began to change for the better happen. He finally issued a warrant for a new apartment in Sivtseff Ravine. He received his own course on scriptwriting faculty of VGIK, ready to shoot in the French film "Rise to Earhart". Finally, in October Kajdanovsky married 23-year-old Inna Pivars, which was known for about two years. However, fate played a trick on him. Kajdanovsky Having suffered two heart attacks, and the third did not survive - the morning of 3 December, he died.

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PS Kajdanovsky married I.Pivars not in October, and in November, specifically the 11th.

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