Alexander Henckel

Picture of Alexander Henckel

Date of Birth: 07/20/1872

Age: 54

Place of Birth: Wilno

Citizenship: Russia


Aleksandr Germanovich Henkel was born in Vilna, Russian Empire (now - Vilnius, Lithuania), 20 July 1872. In 1986 he graduated from the course in the natural sciences department of Physics and Mathematics Faculty of St. Petersburg University. In 1897 he became an assistant at the Department of Botany. In the autumn of the same year, Henkel moved in Novorossiysk University, where a lecturer was elected in 1899. In 1900, he invited as an assistant in St. Petersburg Phy. There, in the autumn of 1902 he defended his thesis for the degree of Master of botany. 4 times he was sent abroad to study algae, and in 1904 goduprinimal part in the Caspian expedition.

He participated in the creation of Brockhaus and Efron Encyclopedic Dictionary, wrote a series of articles on algae morphology.

Much of the research AG Henkel devoted to the study of small free-floating algae, biology and morphology of lower organisms angiosperms. He has published a number of articles on planktonic algae of the Kara Sea and Caspian Sea, Lake Baikal and some Ural rivers. In 1911, at the Novorossiysk University he defended his thesis for the degree of doctor of botany on "Materials for the phytoplankton of the Caspian Sea according to the Caspian expedition." In 1923 he published a paper on the classification of symbiosis.

In 1916-1927 gg Henkel AG voglavlyal department of morphology and systematics of plants of Perm State University. He founded the University Botanic Gardens.

In 1921-1920 he headed the Perm provincial statistical offices and the Commission on the zoning of the Perm province. Published their work on zoning formed the basis for determining the boundaries of individual areas Province. Uchitivaya intense cultural life of Perm, proposed to allocate from the separate province of Perm Region, resulting in Perm Region was formed in 1923.

Many of the descendants of Henkel AG engaged in scientific activity at PSU. His sons - PA and AA Henkel continued research at the University of the father. Daughter, MA Henkel, voglavlyala chair of Russian and general linguistics. Grandson, professor of PSU GA Voronov - a scientist-environmentalist.

In the name of Henkel named street in the Dzerzhinsk region of Perm.

Publications and translations

Henkel AG has published more than 200 works on botany and planktology. Apart from the scientific literature and well-known contemporary poetry and wrote literary criticism articles for print publications.