Alexander Gershun

Picture of Alexander Gershun

Date of Birth: 10/29/1868

Age: 46

Place of Birth: Sokolka

Citizenship: Russia


AL Gershun was born in Sokolka Grodno province (now Poland) in an intellectual Jewish family. Childhood years spent in Vilna, where his father - Lev Gershun (1836-1897) - was the chief doctor in the city of the Jewish hospital (in 1873-1897 years). In 1886 he graduated from the 1 st Vilna school.

In 1886 he entered the Physics and Mathematics Faculty of St. Petersburg University, graduating in 1890. In the third year, he wrote his first scientific work "Critical analysis of a study on the temperature of the greatest density of water and water solutions," for which he was awarded a gold medal.

In 1890-1902 gg. He worked in the St. Petersburg University, where he taught physics in one of St. Petersburg schools.

In the years 1891-1892 he was the secretary of the editorial board of the oldest Russian scientific and technical journal "Electricity". Since 1893 he has worked closely with Professor FF Petrushevski - head of the department of physical Brockhaus and Efron Encyclopedic Dictionary. I wrote several articles for the dictionary, and in particular, the "Physics".

In 1896 Gershun AL participated as a physicist and photographer Lena Russian expedition Astronomical Society organized to observe the solar eclipse.

Since 1901 he headed the Department of General Physics Artillery officer class in Kronstadt. During these years, he thoroughly acquainted with optical production in Russia and other countries, including the studied optical instruments manufacturing technology for the Navy.

Since 1906 he has cooperated with the optical department of the Obukhov Steelbreaker ynogo plant first as a consultant, then in 1909 he headed the department.

In 1908 he taught at the St. Petersburg Women`s Pedagogical Institute.

Supervisor of the Russian Society of the optical and mechanical production (1912), which in 1913 started construction of optical plant for pig iron street in St. Petersburg (since 1962 - the Leningrad Optical and Mechanical Association, now - JSC "LOMO"); November 4, 1914 the plant became operational. Gershun AL was the first director of the plant.

Actively participated in the development of the optical industry in Russia. A number of new instruments for the navy.

Father physics-optics Gershun AA .. Brother lawyer Gershun BL