Alexander Brigen

Picture of Alexander Brigen

Date of Birth: 08/16/1792

Age: 66

Citizenship: Russia


The father - the prime Maj. Frederick Ernest von der Brig (died 1797.), Mother - Maria A. Mikeshina (died in 1852, a second marriage for Valmanom.). Godson Derzhavin. He was educated in St. Petersburg at the German School of St. Peter (Peterschule) and Pension Meyer, mainly Professor Raupaha, attended lectures by Professor Herman on political economy in the service joined the Life Guards Regiment Izmailovsky sub-ensigns - 14.12.1808, sword belt, Ensign - 12.28.1809, Ensign - 27/10/1811, lieutenant - 04.16.1812, a member of the Patriotic war of 1812 and foreign campaigns, the regiment participated in the battle of Borodino, wounded in the chest and was awarded a gold sword for bravery at Kulm wounded in the head and "for the great courage" was awarded the Order of Vladimir 4 tbsp. with a bow and a sign of the Prussian Iron Cross (Kulm Cross), Lieutenant - 12.07.1813, Captain - 10.22.1816, Captain - 27.02.1819, Colonel - 03.05.1820, dismissed from the service due to illness - 07.09.1821, he lived in d. Ponurovka Glukhovski county Chernigov province, a Mason, a member of the lodge "Peter to the Truth" (1817).

Member of the Union of Welfare (1818), and the Northern Society, in 1825 ran errands KF Ryleeva Communications Northern and Southern societies.

The order for the arrest - 01/03/1826, was arrested on the estate of his father MP Miklashevsky d Berezovka Starodub district -. 01.10.1826, brought from Chernigov to St. Petersburg to the main guardhouse private bailiff Hantinskim - 17.1, 18.1 and from there transferred to the Peter and Paul Fortress ( "put at the discretion of, containing good") in the Trubetskoy bastion