Alexander Berkman

Picture of Alexander Berkman

Date of Birth: 11/21/1870

Age: 65

Birth Place: Vilna

Citizenship: Russia


Berkman was born in Vilnius in the Russian empire and emigrated to the US in the age of eighteen in 1888. Living in New York, he became an active member of the anarchist movement, the influence of Johann popavpod Bridge. Lover and friend Emma Goldman. In 1892, Berkman unsuccessfully attempted to assassinate Henry Clay Frick, for which he served 14 years in prison, the first book of "Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist" was written. In 1917, Goldman and Berkman were sentenced to two years in prison for anti-war activities. After his release, he was arrested - along ssotnyami others and deported to Russia. Disappointed in the Soviet Union, he wrote the book accusatory against the Bolsheviks. Broken serious illness, committed suicide in 1936.