Alexander Balasov

Picture of Alexander Balasov

Date of Birth: 07/19/1770

Age: 66

Citizenship: Russia


Of noble family, known from the middle of the XVII century .; according to the tradition of his grandfather he wore the title of Prince. The son of a privy councilor, senator. 10/04/1775 furerom recorded in the Life Guards Regiment. Educated in the Corps of Pages. Service began 01.10.1791 lieutenant of the Izmailovsky Life Guards Regiment. 01.01.1795 for lack of funds (expenditures Guard were significant) transferred to a lieutenant colonel in the army and 4 March enrolled in the Astrakhan Grenadier Regiment. In 1797, he led the formation of the Kazan garrison regiment and 09.04.1798 promoted to colonel. On 21.02.1799, Major General, commander and chief of the Omsk fortress of Omsk garrison regiment. What I am not pleased, and the prosecutor-general 21/01/1800 was suddenly dismissed from service. But Nov 19. Balashov returned to service, and Nov 27. Revel was appointed military governor and chief Revel garrison regiment. 11.09.1802 fired on vacation, and December 17. appointed to consist in the army. On 23/08/1804 chef Trinity musketeer regiment. 23.09.1804 he retired, but on December 20. Moscow was appointed chief of police. 24/11/1807 Balashev charged with the duties of General krigs-Commissioner. On 03/23/1808 St. Petersburg Chief of Police. In this position he became personally known to Alexander 1, earned its location and later always enjoyed his patronage. On 02/02/1809 the military governor of St. Petersburg. 28.03.1809 promoted to lieutenant general. 01/01/1810 With the establishment of the State Council appointed its members. Do not leave the post of the governor, with the 25.7.1810 served as Minister of Police. In the spring of 1812 personally arrested MM Speransky. 28.03.1812 dismissed from office of the governor and the minister. In Apr. 1812 arrived with the Emperor in Vilna. 13 (25) in June 1812 at 10 pm Alexander Balashov 1 caused to him and ordered to prepare for the trip with a letter to Napoleon. At 2 am Balashev left at dawn and 14 (26) On June arrived in French. outposts in place in Russia. First was adopted I. Murat, then L. Davout. 18 (30) On June brought to Vilna Napoleon. It was adopted in the same office where 4 days ago spoke with Alexander 1. The letter contained the sentence: "If you agree to withdraw its troops from the Russian territory, I will assume that everything that happened was not the case, and agreement between us is still possible ". Napoleon suggested: "Let`s agree right now, here in the Vilna ... put their names, and I`ll come back for Neman". It is a humiliating proposal was rejected. According to his own story, which most researchers are questioning Balashev the question of Napoleon: "Which is the nearest road to Moscow", - he said, "Charles XII went through Poltava." June 22 (5 July) received a letter from Napoleon to Alexander 1 and departed from France. location. On his return appointed composed of Alexander 1, June 30, together with AA Arakcheyev and AS Shishkov signed a petition to Alexander 1, urging him to leave the army and go to the heart of Russia. He accompanied the Emperor in Moscow and St. Petersburg. 12.10.1812 sent to Moscow to assess the destruction produced here and the French fire.

01/01/1813 came to the army. He participated in the crossing of the Neman. He accompanied the Emperor in the battles of Lutzen, Bautzen. Dresden and Kulm. In September. Sent to London in 1813 to transfer the Regent of the Order of St. Andrew. December 15. again he joined the army in Freiburg. In a campaign in 1814 he participated in the Battle of Brienne. It was planned that it will take Balashev post of Governor-General of Paris, but this time, Alexander 1 lost interest in him, and the appointment did not take place. 28.02.1814 sent to Naples for the conclusion of the treaty of alliance with Murat, Russian-Neapolitan signed a treaty of alliance. Since 1816 he was in the retinue of the Emperor "for special assignments", in 1817 was on a diplomatic mission in Wurttemberg. 15.10.1819 newly appointed police minister. C 4. 11. 1819 Orel, Tula, Ryazan, Tambov and Voronezh Governor General. In 1826 was a member of the Supreme Criminal Court of the Decembrists. 10/03/1828 resigned as governor-general and virtually retired, although 11.06.1832 became also a member of the Military Council. 23.09.1834 retired. Buried in the village of Pokrovsky Shlisselbourg County Petersburg province.