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Date of Birth: 03/11/1963

Age: 53

Place of birth: London

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Alex Kingston was born in London. For the first time she met with the theater, when, together with his family came to the mother`s home in Germany, and saw his uncle, the actor on the stage. Her own acting debut at age 5 when she played the angel Gabriel in the school setting. "My mother gave me enormous wings, - said Alex - and those children who did not have wings, I`m very jealous I was very excited, but then very upset to learn that Gabriel actually -. Man"

In the desire to Kingston continue to support her stage career English teacher of the school for girls in Epson, where Alex studied and often starred in local productions. His first professional role, Alex got in 15 years of age. She played a judoka in the popular English TV series "Grange Hill."

After high school, Alex moved to London, where he enrolled in the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, where she met her future husband, actor Ralph Faennsom with whom they have lived together for 12 years. They married in 1993 but divorced in 4 years, because Ralph had left her for another woman (actress Francesca Annis, who was his senior by 18 years).

After graduation, Alex joined the RSC, which included travel all over the whole of England, appearing in such productions as "Much Ado About Nothing," "King Lear", "Othello" and others. She also participated in productions of the Birmingham theater troupe, playing in productions of "The Alchemist," "Julius Caesar," "Strolling Players" "Saved" and others.

Playing classic characters on the stage, Alex embodied on British television modern characters. She has participated in such series as "A Killing Exchange," "The Bill" "Crocodile Shoes," "The Knock" and "I Hate Christmas". Her debut feature film came in 1989 when she starred in the film "The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover". This was followed by roles in such films as "Carrington"; "The St. Exupery Story", "Weapons of Mass Distraction" and "The Infiltrator."

The role in the television movie "Moll Flanders" by Daniel Defoe`s classic novel became a turning event in her life. This role is a strong woman helped Alex overcome depression caused by the divorce from her husband, but also attracted the attention of the producers of the series ER, which is just looking for new faces. The role of the British surgeon Elizabeth Corday Alex made world famous and changed her life for the better.

In December 1997, Alex met with German journalist Florian Hertel, whom she married in 1998. March 28, 2001 they had a daughter named Salome Violetta. Together with her husband Alex Kingston moved to Los Angeles.

Actor`s work:

1. Cook the Thief His Wife & Her Lover - 1989 () ... Adele

2. Novels in a foreign country - 1992 (Drama) ... actress

3. In the camp of the enemy - 1994 () ... Anna

4. Ambulance - 1996 (series) ... Elizabeth Corday

5. Weapons of mass destruction - 1997 () ... Verity Graham

6. The guys from Essex - 2000 () ... Lisa Loki

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