Alex Brummer

Picture of Alex Brummer

Date of Birth: 05/25/1949

Age: 67

Place of birth: Brighton

Citizenship: United Kingdom

Best Financial Analyst 2013th

Brummer was born in Brighton (Brighton); degree in economics and politics, he was within the walls of the University of Southampton (Southampton), business management master`s degree - at the University of Bradford. His career in the media industry began to work under the supervision of J. in. Walter Thompson (J. Walter Thompson), and `Haymarket Publishing` in the period from 1970 to 1972-th. Later Brummer came to `The Guardian`, Chief Financial Correspondent. It Brummer was the chief columnist of news 1973-1974 banking crisis and the 1976 crisis. Reviews Alex differed decent standard of data analysis, and attracted the great interest of stakeholders.

In 1979, Alex became a correspondent for the US Treasury and the Washington correspondent for `The Guardian`. In this capacity, Brummer had a chance to observe the most important political events - in particular, the presidential elections of 1980, 1984 and the second in 1988. Work in this area has earned him in 1989 the prize `Overseas Press Club` how best foreign correspondent in the US. Subsequently Brummer also served as editor of financial and foreign news departments; the end of its 26-year period of work in `The Guardian` he was assistant editor.

In the period from 1999 to 2000, Brummer worked as assistant editor in `Financial Mail`. At the same time Alex was named Best Financial Journalist of the Year according to the `British Press Awards`.

In 2000, Brummer became city editor of the `Daily Mail`. It is for the `Daily Mail` Brummer Washington wrote review reports on the war in Iraq; later it was he had a chance to observe the events associated with the `Northern Rock`,` Lehman Brothers` and the subsequent crisis of credit and financial system. Position in `Daily Mail` Alex Brummer successfully holds to this day.

February 4, 2009-th Brummer appeared as a witness at the meeting elected the Treasury Committee in the House of Commons; with him were Robert Peston (Robert Peston) with the BBC, Lionel Barber (Lionel Barber) from `Financial Times`, Simon Jenkins (Simon Jenkins) from` Guardian` and Jeff Randall (Jeff Randall) from `Sky News`. Posted journalists on issues related to the role of their profession in the financial stability; among other things, they had to discuss, should not apply to the activities of financial journalists in a major banking crises certain restrictions. This issue was caused by a fairly popular one time a prerequisite - some felt that the credibility of the press is able to provoke a development is in line with that in which journalists predict it.

Alex Brummer writes regularly for the London edition of `The Jewish Chronicle`; he surveys the business issues, the media industry, the Holocaust and the Middle East policy. In addition, Brummer writes for `New Statesman` and the number of members of the editorial advisory board of the journal` Jewish Renaissance`.

In 2006, Alex Brummer was voted best commentator and Best Business Journalist of the Year according to the `World Leadership Forum`. In 2009, Brummer recognized as the best coffee, the commentator on the version of `The Comment Award`; in 2013 Alex won Best Financial Journalist of the Year according to the `City of London Corporation`.