Alena Vodonaeva

Picture of Alena Vodonaeva

Date of Birth: 07/02/1982

Age: 34

Birthplace: Tumen

Citizenship: Russia


Alain remarkable held its presentation, he danced on a table dance with this snake. The dance was quite erotic and beautiful.

As Stepan was two months on the project alone, he was very happy Alena appearance. And she, in turn, was pleased to be able to communicate with a person who is nice to her. Her relationship with Stepa developed rapidly. On the third day after Allen arrived, the guys pretendovalina accommodation vip- house.

All would be well, if not constant quarrels. Sometimes they occur because of trifles, sometimes it was something really serious. But what is most interesting, is the fact that the courageous and knows his own worth Stepan each time the first was for reconciliation. Alain began to blame the fact that it has made from the steppes henpecked. But she did not pay any attention to it.

Early on in the relationship broke two scandals. Alain has agreed to settle with the steppe house, but did not agree to have sex with him. And Alain incredibly annoyed that their life with the ever-present Stepa Olya Buzova. Because of her guys almost broke.

It should be noted that since the communication between Allen and Olga did not change. They still can not stand each other to the spirit.

But in dealing with Alena Stepa all right. They are still together. True, and they quarrel all the same as before. Recently, they parted ... for a whole week! Again, everything was back to normal.

What Alain told about herself to the project: Energetic and sociable. It works in the crime news, so not afraid of anything. Can not live without adventure and extreme sports. He considers himself the most beautiful deushkoy in the show "Dom-2".

Height: 176 cm

Weight: 58 kg

Volumes: 92/60/92 cm