Aleksey Oleynik

Picture of Aleksey Oleynik

Date of Birth: 1964

Age: 51

Place of birth: Ryazan

Citizenship: Russia

Man era of capital

- "Izvestiya" newspaper has always been personalized. In the sense that the newspaper has been editor in chief is relevant worldview. And full responsibility, including the economy, lying on the main editor. Now the situation has changed. What`s happening?

- We are creating in the "News" is not quite typical for Russia, but it is absolutely standard for countries with a developed market model to newspaper management. Indeed, in the tradition of "News" and many other Russian print media editor in chief - is a kind of hardened chelovechische that defines the paper everything, "weighs authority". We offer another option. Is the editorial content management. This area is the main responsibility of the editor. But we believe that strategic marketing, product concept, formats, guidelines and packaging supply editorial content including media managers are common themes and editor. On the whole, we look at the media as a business, so all that is connected with it, is also controlled by Media Manager, and not "editorial".

- The media business is fundamentally different from any other business activity?

- The difference is very simple. There are two buyers: the readers, who are the main "constituency", and advertisers. For other businesses similar split is unusual.

The media business is based on the information. Around him there is a readership. It attracts advertisers. That is, first born circulation, then pulled advertising for him. If the media is successful, it is cost-effective, so that it is possible to improve the product further. This, in turn, affects the number of copies, and then reflected in the advertising, etc. - That is, it turns out this spiral "product - circulation - advertising." The main thing - to get the flywheel to work in the right direction.

- Where we are best prepared media managers? They do not teach the theory and provide practical skills?

- Hard to tell. Of course, in the media business has its own specifics, but all the same, it seems to me, there is nothing unusual. Probably, any intelligible manager may come from another branch and take control of the media. This area of ??activity is not limited to the number of the initiated. Although I have to learn a little. In addition, it seems to me that the idea that somewhere there is already at 100% ready professionals, not quite correct. All are in the process of continuous development and education. I was very close to the thesis: the war can not be prepared for 100%. And it must begin to lead now. We all learn every day.

- Prior to joining the "News" you worked on "Europe Plus". How does it feel?

- "Europe Plus" - a professionally designed project, which is based on a very competent marketing. In holding two formats: in fact, she "Europe Plus" and "the FM Retro", and both of them are now among the market leaders. "Retro FM