Aleksey Bobrinskiy

Picture of Aleksey Bobrinskiy

Date of Birth: 06/01/1800

Age: 68

Place of birth: St. Petersburg

Citizenship: Russia


Alexei Bobrinsky (6 (13) January 1800, St. Petersburg - 7 (19) in October 1868, Smela) - son Alexei G. Bobrinsky, grandson of Catherine II, Count Guards officer, from 1833 he served in the Ministry of Finance, gentleman of the bedchamber.

In 1821 he married the maid of honor imperatriytsy Maria Feodorovna Countess Sophia Alexandrovna Samoilova. After the death of Prince Potemkin, Sofia Alexandrovna, his niece, inherited the estate in Ukraine.

The founder of the sugar industry in Ukraine,

The famous sugar-agriculturists and, Florist. He brought a new rose variety that got its name. Device large sugar beet factory in Smela Kiev province Bobrinsky laid a firm foundation for the sugar beet industry in Ukraine. For 10 years he built a 4 sugar mills:

Smelyanskiy sandy refinery in 1858 .;

Balakleyskiy sugar factory in 1838 .;

Grushevskii sugar factory in 1845 .;

Kapitanovsky sugar factory in 1846

When Kapitanovskom Plant Breeding Station was established, engaged in breeding new varieties of more sugar-beet. Smelyanskiy sandy refinery was a high school qualification. As of 40 technologists who rabotaliu Bobrinsky, 24 eventually became directors and independent entrepreneurs. Classes organized in bold, for training, eventually grew into a school, and later (1921) in the Institute of sugar industry (now the National University of Food Technologies in Kiev).

The founder of railway transport in Russia

For the construction of the first railway created a joint-stock company in 1835. In his honor, it was named the railway station Bobrinskaya built them (now: Shevchenko station in bold), a posthumous monument at the Station Square in Kiev (snes