Aleksandr Voejkqv

Picture of Aleksandr Voejkqv

Date of Birth: 11/15/1778

Age: 60

Citizenship: Russia


Voeikov Alexander Fedorovich - satirist and journalist. Born November 15, 1778, he died June 16, 1839 He studied at Moscow University boarding school, where he began his literary career. He was friendly with Zhukovsky, Merzlyakov, Turgenev and took an active part in a friendly literary society. In 1806, he attracted the attention of "Message to Speransky about the true welfare." In 1812 he enlisted in the army and remained there until the expulsion of the French. In 1814 he married Alexandra Andreyevna Protassova, niece Zhukovsky. For six years he taught Russian language and literature at the University of Dorpat, not left a good memory, because he was ill-prepared for the case. In 1820 Voeikov moved to St. Petersburg and entered the service of the breech. In 1821 - 1822 years. he worked in the "Son of the Fatherland" Grech, from 1822 to 1826 published the first with VI Kozlov, then one, "Literature News" from 1822 to 1839 edited the "Russian Invalid" and "Literary Additions` to him, in 1827 - 1830. - "Slav, military and literary magazine." He translated Voltaire and Delisle, published a "model works in prose of famous ancient and modern writers" and "Collection of Russian model essays and translations in verse and prose"; These anthologies were once useful for schools and the public. The main known Voeikov acquired his satire "Crazy House"; the first time it was written in 1814, then repeatedly supplemented and remodel, to the death of the author. In this poetic pamphlet ridiculed administrators (Magnitsky, Runich Krasovsky - "Arakcheyev rags"), killer Pushkin Dantes, writers Kachenovsky, Shalikov, Shishkov, Zhukovsky, Bulgarin, Grech, Senkovsky, Field, Belinsky and others, to the author`s inclusive. Satire was superficial and rough, gushing and to the right and to the left, had the character of a literary scandal; but there is in it, and accuracy, and workshops characteristics. She has long appealed to the manuscripts and only in 1857 was printed in its entirety. In the same way, but in prose, written Voeikov "Parnasskii Address-Calendar". In personal and literary relations Voeikov was heavy and unpleasant. - See Ye Kolbasin "Literary figures of the last time" (St. Petersburg, 1859);. Burnashev "My acquaintance with Voeikov" ( "Russian Messenger", 1871, number 9 - 11); E. Petukhov "Department of Russian Language and Literature in Yuriev (Dorpat) University" (Yuryev, 1900); Alexander Veselovsky "VA Zhukovsky" (St. Petersburg, 1904); AF Voeikov "Crazy House and Parnasskii Address-Calendar", with an introductory article and commentary I. Rozanov and N. Sidorova ( "Universal Library", Moscow, 1911).