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Date of birth: 18.01.1983

Age: 33

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia



Lymarev Alexander was born in Moscow. Already five years, the boy started the steppe. Sasha`s first teacher was his grandfather`s Artist of Russia Sergey Rusanov. Sergey for fifty years he worked on the stage, speaking in the original genre - tricks using tap.

When Alexander was 10 years old, his parents sent him to engage in the steppes of Honored Artist of Russia Vladimir Ivanovich Kirsanova. And in thirteen years to the boy came to the first big success - at the European Championships on the steppe, he won a bronze medal. A year later, Alexander Lymarev and another student Kirsanov Anton Hammers created a step-duo "BratyaParAvozovy", which lasted several years.


The choice of future profession Alexander influenced all the same Vladimir Kirsanov. He advised the boy to become an actor .... As a result, since 15 years, Alexander began to seriously prepare for admission to theater school.

After school, he entered the Lymarev Slavic Academy course on YM Avsharova. There`s talented young man saw Yu.Ovchinikov, which already had its own course in the Shchukin School. He then lured Alexander to himself, taking just a sophomore.


In the fourth year of Alexander drew the attention of director Leonid Maryagin. Leonid G. proceeded to shoot the film "Hello, capital!". In fact, it was a film about the director of the youth. Alexander Maryagin entrusted the main role Seva Mokshina.

Immediately after the picture of "Hello, capital!" Alexander Lymarev starred in the title role in a criminal melodrama "Honeymoon". But the real popularity of the young actor brought the role of ordinary Mikhail Medvedev in the TV series "Soldiers", which appeared on the television screens of the country in 2005.

Now Alexander Lymareva noticed and numerous spectators and directors who began to invite the actor to different roles. He starred in Vadim Derbeneva "Ave Maria or a Payment for Love" (again starring in a pair with Tarzan - Sergei Glushko) and in the film Vladimir Grammatikova "Airport" as rastomana.


With his girlfriend Masha Alexander met at school - they were classmates.

Alexander hilarious, witty, loves the night, preferring to all your favorite things to engage in at this time of day. He likes to spend evenings in the clubs with her friends. She loves sweets and lots of reading. He plays the guitar, sings, loves music, it sounds like he had a whole day at home or in the headphones, if somewhere something is very fond of jazz. It draws well, in recent years a keen photographer. Handles the photo on the computer.

His brother Alexander - bass guitarist, he plays in the "Glucose" group.

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