Aleksandr Bragin

Picture of Aleksandr Bragin

Date of Birth: 05/23/1954

Age: 62

Place of birth: Saransk

Citizenship: Russia

Biography (South Ural panorama)

Aleksandr Bragin was born May 23, 1954 in Saransk, in the family of employees. After graduating in 1976, Mordovia State University. Ogarev specialty "Engineer of Electronic Technology" went to work at the Institute of Plant "Elektrovypryamitel". Since 1997, after the Higher Courses of the KGB in Minsk Bragin was working security officer, the head of department and the department, and since February 1992 - the head of the FSB Department for Mordovia. In fact, he was at the forefront of reforming the national security system when replacing largely politicized KGB came structure that protects the foundations of the constitutional system and the rights of ordinary citizens. During this period, the Mordovian KGB had a number of successful special operations. Some of the most striking examples: neutralized the terrorist who planned to assassinate President Yeltsin, identified and suppressed the activity of groups who supplied weapons to the republic from Chechnya, exposed and pseudo-nationalist movement. You can also recall the facts of misuse and embezzlement of budgetary funds in large amounts. Special conversation about employees of foreign intelligence services, who visited Mordovia to gather political and economic information, Western speculators. Largely thanks to skillful actions Mordovian KGB headed by Alexander Bragin neprostyegody market reforms in the country managed to keep its industrial potential.

In 1999 Bragin was appointed head of Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation in the Chelyabinsk region, and he was promoted to the rank of Major General, and in 2001 - Lieutenant General.

In June 2003 he was appointed first deputy head of the department for the protection of constitutional order and the fight against terrorism, the FSB. After

the reorganization of the FSB service headed by the fight against terrorism.

It features a special loyalty to the former director of the FSB, the Russian President Vladimir Putin. In an interview with the newspaper "South Ural Panorama" May 25, 2000, Bragin, in particular, said: "I voted for him. I had to participate in a number of workshops, which he spent as director of the Federal Security Service of Russia. He, Vladimir Vladimirovich. Putin always distinguished by very objective, pragmatic and at the same time, humane approach to the issues at hand. I think it will be a worthy president of our country. the statements on the establishment of a dictatorship in Russia believe unfounded, and that`s why. during the execution of his duties acting President of the Russian Federation was not taken any decision aimed at curtailing the activities kakih-libo democratic institutions, the restriction of constitutional rights, the restoration of the command economy. "

He is married and has two sons.