Aleksander Zyrianov

Picture of Aleksander Zyrianov

Date of Birth: 08/28/1830

Age: 53

Place of birth: a. Upper Yar

Citizenship: Russia


Born August 28, 1830 in the village of Upper Yar Shadrinsk district of the Perm province.

In 1846 he graduated from the seminary Dalmatovskoye. In 1846-1861 he worked as a parish clerk, then - lawyer of Peasant Affairs in Dalmatovo. On his initiative, the first in the county free school for peasant children in the village Ivanischevskom and public library was opened in Shadrinsk.

Author of more than 60 works on history, archeology, economics, ethnology, meteorology, culture and life of the population Shadrinsk County.

In 1850 he engaged in collecting and writes folk songs and tales Shadrinsk county, some of which came in the second edition of "People`s Russian fairy tales" Afanasiev (1889), and the first and second volumes of "collection of Perm" Smyshlyaeva; in 1860 he began to study archeology and history of the region, still interested and ethnography. The result of these studies was the article "A few words about the mounds in Shadrinsk County", "Materials for the description Shadrinsk County", "On the city of Shadrinsk", "Wedding ceremonies in Shadrinsk County" and many others, placed mostly in the "Perm Provincial Vedomomstyah ".

In 1870 Zyryanov, in addition, studied the economic life Shadrinsk County and wrote an excellent work: "Fisheries in Shadrinsk County" (in "Proceedings of the Free Economic Society", 1876, T. IV).

Of his other works are the most important: "Materials for the history of the settlement Transural edge" (in the "Perm province news" for 1870, 1871 and 1876 years) and "peasant movement in Shadrinsk y., In 1843" ( "Dr. And H . Russia ", 1879, number 11). In 1880 Zyryanov was published several articles on the mounds and mounds Shadrinsk County and the city`s history Dalmatova ( "Perm Provincial Gazette").

As a member of the Imperial Geographical Society, he, on his behalf, about 20 years in meteorological observations in his native village and Dalmatovo; their results published in "Notes of the Ural Common. Loves. Natural. "

He was awarded the Silver Medal of the Russian Geographical Society (1860) and Big Silver Medal of Russian Free Economic Society.

AN Zyryanov died on November 12, 1884 in Dalmatovo Shadrinsk district of the Perm province.