Aleksander Knirim

Picture of Aleksander Knirim

Date of Birth: 12/24/1837

Age: 66

Place of birth: a. Patriarchal

Citizenship: Russia


He graduated from the course at the Imperial College of Law. In 1862 he was appointed member of the commission for drafting legal regulations, which, along with SI Zarudny vigorously defended perhaps a complete break with the pre-reform orders and consistent implementation of the adversarial process began. In 1866, at the opening of the St. Petersburg District Court, Knirim appointed deputy chairman of one of the civil departments, followed by the elected chairman of the St. Petersburg Commercial Court. In 1872 he was appointed chief deputy of the Senate prokuroromgrazhdanskogo Cassation, in 1878 - the senator of the same department. How great was the value Knirima for the Senate, it can be seen from the minutes of a special magazine Civil Cassation Department on the occasion of the appointment Knirima (in 1901) a member of the State Council. "In favor of the department of civil appeal, - it is said in this journal - AA Knirim gave 29 years of working life, marked by great talent, extensive legal knowledge, clear, bright mind, a deep and impartial ardent desire to attain truth through rational understanding and interpretation of the law. " In the 60 years was an assistant editor of "Journal of the Ministry of Justice", where, among other things, an article "On the Hanover civil proceedings". From 1870 he published, together with NA Tour, "Journal of civil and commercial law" in 1872, together with NS Tagantsev, "Journal of civil and criminal law", in 1879, transferred to the St. Petersburg Law Society in which Knirim after opening it (in 1877) occupied a prominent place. Together with AL Borovikovsky and EE Kovalevsky issued a "systematic collections of civil appeal decisions of department", for 1873, 1874 and 1876 years. He was a member of the commission drafting the charter bill and wrote "A new draft bill statute in 1893". Since 1882 was the chairman of the assistant, and after the death of NI Stojanovski - Chairman of the Commission on drawing up the draft civil code, under his leadership and with the activities of its participation has received its original shape.