Alcides Arguedas

Picture of Alcides Arguedas

Date of Birth: 07/15/1879

Age: 66

Place of birth: La Paz

Citizenship: Bolivia


Arguedas, Alcides (Arguedas, Alcides) (1879-1946), the Bolivian historian, novelist, sociologist and statesman, was born in La Paz, July 15, 1879. Arguedas was educated at the National College, the University of La Paz and the Free College of Social Sciences Paris. Vehiego political career: secretary of the Bolivian diplomatic mission in Paris in 1910 and London in 1914, a deputy of the National Assembly in 1916, the consul general in Paris in 1925, the plenipotentiary representative in Colombia in 1929-1930. In the field of journalism Arguedas made a 20-years of age. Arguedas belongs to the heirs of the Spanish "Generation 1898", is always striving to expose the evil. His major historical work General History of Bolivia (Historia general de Bolivia) - the critical study of the nation`s life, published in 1922. Another of his important work, a case study of Bolivia, was released under the name Sick people (Pueblo enfermo). From works of art known novel Bronze race (Raza de bronce), which describes the life of Indians. Arguedas died in Chulumani May 6, 1946.