Alan Rikmen

Picture of Alan Rikmen

Date of Birth: 02/21/1946

Age: 70

Place of birth: Hammersmith

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Author: Maria Alexandrova

Website: Celebrities

A year ago, fans of the wizarding world were able to see their favorite characters through the eyes of filmmakers. Not surprisingly, as Professor Snape appeared in all the grandeur of his magical skill famous English actor Alan Rickman. At the time of the shooting Rickman was fifty-six years, he played a man twenty years younger than himself, and behind him at that time was more than two dozen roles in film, working in the theater and directorial debut.

Alan Rickman was born on February 21, 1946 in the UK, in London`s Hammersmith. His mother was a native of Wales, and his father - from Ireland. Alan graduated from the Royal College of Art in London, and then - Academy of Dramatic Arts, then worked in the Royal Shakespeare Company.

His debut was in 1978, when he played the role of Tybalt in the TV version of "Romeo and Juliet". For a long time he worked on British television, where he gained nationwide fame and glory, acting in serials. However, even when a known film actor, topped with a variety of awards, titles and nominations, he continued to work in television, in particular, it was the "Fallen Angels" (1993), "Rasputin" (1996) and others.

The actor classically trained and intelligent accent was as if born for versatile roles, but almost all of his characters - clever, polite, low-key in English and even a little arrogant. In part, he is similar to his characters, including at comedy. Like many actors, Rickman journalists disliked. He admits that he has an intolerable character, and in the conversation carefully chooses his words and makes it clear that he does not feel the delight of what is necessary to talk about themselves.

In the movie, he brilliantly made his debut in 1988 in the action movie "Die Hard", playing the role of chief terrorist Hans Gruber. However, the roles of villains, Alan Rickman can only be proud of - it is worth the sheriff of Nottingham from the movie "Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves" (1991)! But in fact, his acting range is not confined within the framework of the bad guys - and in dramatic roles the actor looks very impressive, for example, in the film "Sense and Sensibility" (1995) and "Michael Collins" (1996). Work in these films earned him critical acclaim and two nominations for the British Academy.

The picture Taiwanese director Ang Lee, "Sense and Sensibility" Rickman played the main male role - Colonel Brandon, an honest and strong-willed, whose fate brings to the main characters of the film - the sisters played Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet. "Michael Collins" film won the Venice Film Festival and was awarded the "Golden Lion" in two categories: "Best Film" and "Best Actor". This is a talented film about a man whose courage and dedication of the people have changed the history of his country - Ireland - and made it a legendary name. Alan Rickman played here one of bit parts. Besides him, in making the film a remarkable creative team, including winners and nominees was occupied by "Oscar".

Alan Rickman and he is not deprived awards and critics favor. Thus, the role in "Close my eyes" and "Truly, Madly, deeply" in England brought him the award "Actor of the Year". Other film roles Rickman can be called "Bob Roberts," "An Awfully Big Adventure" and "Mesmer".

In 1999 came the film "Galaxy Quest", which said it was "the most witty comedy of the year." It tells the story of how the actors once popular sci-fi series "Galaxy Quest" lost their jobs and were forced to travel across the United States, speaking at a meeting with the fans for pennies. Things former star situation was very bad, until one day one of these "recitals" are not looked very real aliens. As it turned out, the aliens have long been convinced that the unfortunate actors - true champions with the universal evil, and it depends on them the fate of the galaxy! Now, the actors will return to their "star status" in a real battle with the cosmic villains. With Rickman universal evil in this film resist, Tim Allen, and, of course, the heroine of the wars with interplanetary monsters Sigourney Weaver.

In the same year on the screens shows "Dogma" - a film that caused quite stormy and controversial reactions from the audience. Alan Rickman plays Metatron, an angel who is the Voice of God, and would deal a very important visit to Earth, where humanity is threatened. In the film, he emerges from the fiery tornado, and he did not like that the protagonist tries to put out of the fire extinguisher. Metatron has extensive knowledge and supernatural powers. Rickman image fills Metatron gourmet fatigue eternal life, such qualities as self-control and knowledge of its prices, which together produce grand and comic effect at the same time. Director Kevin Smith said: "Alan Rickman - the highest class in this film, he gives it a semblance of credibility and his hand was really like a man to carry the wings weighing a hundred pounds.!"

By the way, Alan Rickman began his career as an artist-designer. He always improvises on the set and tries to take part in the creation of costumes and hairstyles of their heroes. From the outset, Rickman saw his character with long hair and shiny dress in slinky - haughty idol with a huge ego and a huge audience of fans. So he appeared before the audience.

In 2001, screens out the next movie with Alan Rickman - "The Barber of English." The plot of the film - carrying out of the national championship of hairdressers and barbers main movie is playing Rickman. This romantic comedy Paddy Bretnaka -o perfidy, infamy and slander. Initially, the hero is not lucky - his wife leaves him, and from the experiences he throws favorite work. But when the hour comes to prove who belongs to the palm in the art of hairdressing, vanity and ruthless race for the title will be severe test for the strong friendship and true love.

It is known that Mr. Rickman - Actor, richly endowed by nature. But he polishes his gift for years and knows how to use it. It does not build a pained persons not juggling his eyebrows, as the French actors, not bends endlessly mouth in a thin smile. And in general, it is enough just seconds of screen time to no one in doubt as to who the boss on the set.